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Monday, June 30, 2008

Why the AP SUCKS!

Just link HERE to find out why.

Are we getting paid as bloggers? NO!

Do they want to SPREAD news via the internet and the blogosphere, or do they want to nickle and dime the blogosphere out of business?

You tell me.

Go here Click here for copyright permissions! to see their new copyright permission rules.
Is that going to be $12.50 charged to me for those five words AP?

WOOPS, you can't even post the link to the copyright permission and have it work! Sooooooo, you have to link to any AP article and go to the bottom and link to it from there!

OH, let's see, you can find it at the BOTTOM of THIS article in blue

OH gosh, more on the restrictions on linking to any AP article for more than a month below!


Check it out, they are even saying you must use THEIR service to email articles to people! What's that all about folks? Tracking both the content and WHO is sending what to WHO?

Want to send the article out as a group mailing without ads? No more cutting and pasting on to an email guys, you get to PAY the AP FIVE BUCKS for forwarding it to 1-10 people!

Want to post the article OR link to it, you can do it for free as long as you fill out their form for up to one month, it includes all the ads of course! After that folks you get to PAY for it! For the right to post their articles without ads for more than a month, be ready to ante up a hundred bucks a month! OH wait, miscalculation, you can post it on your blog for the discounted rate of seven hundred fifty a year! Notice, I spelled the amount out, no cutting and pasting or using the same text in any way here!

Want to republish ANY of the words in an article? Better make it SHORT. Any quote over 5 words but under 25, will cost you $12.50. Want to take a paragraph, say 250 words? That will set you back a HUNDRED BUCKS!

Oh, and folks, remember you can't cut and paste it to send to yourself and others without paying, but they'll hold the article for you for up to six months! YEAH, no researcher ever needing to do research further than six months back should expect to do anything but PAY for it

Control, Big Brother, CONTROL!!!

OH GOODNESS, I haven't asked their permission to link to an article, can't use the title without copyright infringement even if used in quotes from what I see.

To the AP, contact me via my email on my profile, the check will be in the mail :)

Tell me AP, are you feeling like a 500 pound constipated gorilla with a whole lot of gas yet? Mind you, you'll be raking in the bucks at least WHILE controlling the free flow of information on the internet.

In a comment on THIS New York Times article, there's more!

'iCopyright License Excerpt:
Derogatory and Unlawful Uses: You shall not use the Content in any manner or context that will be in any way derogatory to the author, the publication from which the Content came, or any person connected with the creation of the Content or depicted in the Content. You agree not to use the Content in any manner or context that will be in any way derogatory to or damaging to the reputation of Publisher, its licensors, or any person connected with the creation of the Content or referenced in the Content.”


Here's what someone else had to say about this on June 20th. At that time, just ten days ago, the AP wasn't giving the author any answers about what they planned as "new guidelines" but the consensus was that it would put a chilling affect and challenge to fair use practice.

Welcome to the ICE AGE.

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