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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pornography Trial in LA Suspended When Info Brought to Light Concerning the Reagan Appointed 9th Circuit Judge

WARNING: The following post contains explicate content meant for mature audiences who can handle it.

Here in Los Angeles a trial which was to begin this week concerning obscenity(read HERE) has been put on hold.

Why you ask?

Because the judge, a Reagan appointee and someone considered by the Bush administration as a Supreme Court nominee recused himself when information was brought to light that he himself had explicate pornographic material on his own website. This isn't just your every day pornography though. Read about it HERE. (no I am not leading you there to read about the nature of this judge's odd habits, I am sending you there and posting this because this judge has been considered as a nominee for the Supreme Court and there are those still saying he's an ok fellow. )

Question: Should this affect his standing as a judge since he didn't divulge his hobby while agreeing to judge a case of another person with the same hobby which IS being tried? Does this say something about his fitness to continue to sit on the bench?

It's your call. Thoughts?

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