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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Obama Campaign Store Told Me to Vote for McCAIN!!

In the midst of all the talk and actions by the Obama campaign concerning Muslim and Arab Americans, I'd like to share an incident I had last week when I called the campaign.

I was trying to call again and get someone at the headquarters to voice my dismay AGAIN at the fact the official website store still is not carrying Arab Americans for Obama buttons when now MCCAIN has buttons, bumper stickers, hats and pins.

Knowing from my last call to them that the store does not produce the buttons, but is an independent contractor hired by the campaign to handle the officially sanctioned campaign gear, when I called, I pressed #4 and for some reason was put through to the store, which was NOT who I needed to speak to.

The following is the conversation which occurred when I got the Obama store on the phone by mistake:

(By her voice) an African American woman answered the phone- I briefly said, "Oh, I somehow got the store and I realize you're not the one I need to talk to, sorry"

She asked me what I was calling about, so I BRIEFLY said, "I'm calling again because I would like to see Arab-American for Obama pins offered in Arabic because you have many other ethnicities but not that one, but you're really not the person I need to talk to because I know you only sell what the campaign sanctions, I'm sorry, I'll call back, thanks."

She went OFF her rocker. Said, "LOOK, you need to vote for McCain!"

STUNNED, I said, "Wait a minute, I'm calling for Obama, what are you talking about?"


Again I said, "PLEASE what are you talking about, I called for OBAMA, I dialed the OBAMA campaign!!"

"I KNOW WHO YOU CALLED FOR AND I'M TELLING YOU TO VOTE FOR MCCAIN, do NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA, You HERE ME. Do NOT vote for Obama!!!!!!!I do not WANT you to vote for Obama!"


Now, why did my call elicit this response from this person? Was it because of what I told her I was calling about? Or had she just forgotten her prozac that morning?

Inquiring minds want to know.

UPDATE: As if I didn't already know the answer to my own question, George Stepanopolos has thankfully confirmed my suspicions in THIS interview:


ROBERTS: And one other issue this morning smack dab on the front page of the New York Times. In the headline, "Muslim Voters Detect a Snub From Obama. What do you make of that?"

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, the Obama campaign doesn't want to admit it, but they are distancing themselves from the Muslim community in some way. You had that issue last week where two Muslim women wearing veils were taken out of the photo-op with Obama. Obama had to apologize for that. What the Obama campaign makes no apologies for, though, is trying to combat this issue that's really running around e-mail chains all across the country that Barack Obama is a Muslim. He is not. And they feel that they have to take every possible step they can to combat these rumors."

I guess the woman who answered the phone at the Obama store got the memo!

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