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Thursday, June 19, 2008

French Diplomat "Walks" Like a Palestinian

The song, "Walk Like an Egyptian" is coming to my brain. "All the cops in the donut shop say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh"

Welcome to the life of a Palestinian crossing Israeli checkpoints Ms. Hyver

I would like to know why the word "detained" is in quotation marks. If this isn't detaining, then I don't know what is. Something Palestinians go through on a daily basis.

Israel 'detained' French diplomat

Erez crossing point
Israel controls access in and out of Gaza at the Erez checkpoint

France has complained to Israel about the treatment of one of its diplomats who it says was detained last week at the Erez border crossing with Gaza.

Catherine Hyver says she was held for 17 hours without food or water after refusing to allow a search of her car.

A French spokesman said Israel had been asked for assurances that diplomatic vehicles would not be impeded.

There has been no word from Israel on the incident, which comes days before a visit by France's president.

It will be Nicolas Sarkozy's first visit to Israel since he took office in May 2007.

France says Ms Hyver, who is based at the country's consulate in Jerusalem, was detained on 11-12 June.

"We deplore the conditions in which our vice-consul in Jerusalem was held," said foreign ministry spokeswoman Pascale Andreani.

France, like most countries, keeps its embassy in Tel Aviv as it does not recognise Israel's occupation of east Jerusalem and its claim to the whole city as its capital. (maybe you could send that message to Obama) (Source)

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