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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Very Strange Thing Happened To Newsweek on the Internet

The way I usually search for news, is google the subject, then up on the tool bar click "news" then go to "sort by date". This brings up all news items for that subject, with the most recent being listed first.

I just did what I always do, this time googling "Palestinians". To my amazement, article after article came up from Newsweek. This immediately struck me as ODD! "What is this?" I thought, Newsweek just published article after article about Palestinians?

I will list them, along with the dates they were published.

This is just for curiosity, but take a trip back in time to see MANY Newsweek which just came up as NEWS concerning Palestinians: (beginning three hours ago and moving back). I'm not vouching for their content or slant, but let's get aboard the Newsweek time machine which appeared tonight....

"Israel: Back to the Old Ways" December 30, 1996 (I would say much longer than three hours ago!)

"Silent Partners" October 14, 1996 (Even LONGER ago!)

"Return of the Sheikh: Ahmed Yassin" October 20, 1997 (AH HA! This one is really interesting, because the Israelis always say this isn't true: "Under intense Israeli and U.S. pressure, Arafat's Palestinian police rounded up hundreds of Hamas figures and shut down many of the orphanages, sports clubs and other welfare organizations loosely affiliated with Hamas--which Israel covertly supported in the 1980s as a counterweight to Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization.")

"Unsettling Israel" November 1, 1999 (This one is interesting about taking down some settlements-supposedly a "peace gesture" ten of them, while leaving 32. As of July 2007, there were 122 official Israeli settlements in the West Bank and around 100 unauthorized settlement outposts)

"Courting the Arab Vote" May 3, 1999

"Radicals in the Ranks: A (Israeli) Soldier's Rampage Undercuts Mideast Peacemaking" 1/13/97

There were MANY more, this was just a smattering.

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