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Friday, July 11, 2008

Why is the US State Department Purchasing and Supplying Gas to Israel (Valero Inc)

Below this article, read Julie's letter to the editor at the San Antonio Business Journal asking why our government is purchasing and supplying gas to Israel.

My two cents, with the price of gasoline here in the United States breaking family's budgets, while our government refuses to regulate the price of gas, WHY is our government acting as the purchasing agent for ISRAEL's gasoline when US citizens get NO relief from our own government? Can't Israel buy their their own gas directly? All they do is brag about being such a robust economy. But they are totally dependent on the U.S. government, even for their GASOLINE! This gasoline also goes to the Israeli GOVERNMENT, the very entity brutally and illegally occupying Palestine.

Maybe if they were a better Middle East citizen, they could get their gas from one of their oil rich neighbors! Wait a minute, they ARE getting their "gas from the Middle East. Valero depends on the Middle East for 1/3 of it's crude 2007 figure: (source) So the Mideast supplies 1/3 of this company's crude which they turn around and sell through the State Department to Israel! Lovely. Middle East oil refined in to jet fuel by Valero, shipped to Israel, to bomb the hell out of Lebanon. This upcoming date's delivery is as Julie suggests, possibly "bellicose". Those Israeli training missions over the Mediterranean just recently taking place and all the saber rattling against Iran.

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Link for Valero Inc.. Here in California they operate Valero gas stations. Elsewhere, they operate Shamrock stations. In 2006, Circle K dropped their contract with Citgo (Venezuelan) and went with Valero gas.

UPDATE: More: In 2006 when Israel was busy obliterating Lebanon by airstrikes, it seems Valero got the contract to ship jet fuel to them then.

More: LOOK at how much our State Department is helping out Valero by facilitating "gasoline"sales to Israel. Answer to Julie's question, was it put out to bid-yes, on the web, with ONE response (hat-tip to Chet for this information link)

And what have Israeli jets been up to lately according to THIS source?

Israeli jets using Iraq's airspace

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The US has allowed Israeli jets to use US airbases and fly over Iraqi air space for a likely attack against Iran, Iraqi media say. It is more than a month that some Israeli planes belonging to Israeli air force use the US military bases in Iraq to land and take off, Iraqi Nahrainnet news network said Wednesday, quoting informed sources close to Iraq's Defense Ministry.

The activities and traffic of warplanes- especially at nights- has lately increased in the US airbases in Nasiriya southeast of Baghdad and Haditha a city in the western Iraq province of Al Anbar, the Iraqi residents and sources said. More>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Defense Department awards Israeli fuel contract to Valero

San Antonio Business Journal

Valero Energy Corp. won a $46 million U.S. Department of Defense contract to supply fuel to the Israeli government.

The contract is being managed by the Defense Energy Support Center at Fort Belvoir, Va., which handles all bulk fuel purchases for the Defense Department.

Valero Marketing & Supply Co., a subsidiary of Valero Energy (NYSE: VLO), will supply the fuel by Aug. 13, 2008. The Defense Department did not disclose the amount of fuel that will be shipped to Israel. ($45,978,408.00 worth from above source, goodness knows at what price because the DOD won't disclose the amount)

San Antonio-based Valero is an oil refining and marketing company. The oil company owns and operates 16 refineries throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean with a combined throughput capacity of 3 million barrels of oil per day. (source)

Julie's letter posted here with her permission:

There are two questions not addressed by the recent article regarding the Valero
fuel contract.

The obvious question is why is our Defense Department acting as a purchasing
agent for the Israeli government? Is this a usual and customary activity, or is
this some agreement with Israel that foreshadows a future relationship possibly
of a bellicose nature?

The secondary question is why do we have domestic refiners selling oil to
Foreign governments through our Defense Department, when we are trying to get
off our dependence on foreign oil and our gas prices have tripled in the last 5

Would it be possible to get further information on this contract, what its terms
are, why it exists at all and who authorized it? Was it a no bid contract? Does
anyone in our government have any kind of interest in this company and why is
the fuel being delivered by August 13? What is the magic date about?

And most importantly, are the taxpayers of this country paying in any way for

At the very least, they are paying for the salaries of the folks at Defense Energy Support Center
and all the other bureaucratic entities who work on this deal.

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