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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It shook like HELL, my two daughters were still in bed, tired from coming home from a five day trip to Havasu. The bedroom is upstairs so the shaking whenever an earthquake hits is much stronger up there.

I was on the phone with my mom who lives in Texas, sitting outside on the porch when suddenly everything started shaking. It went on for a good twenty seconds. I went inside to call them downstairs IMMEDIATELY.

Phones worked for a minute, then went out, both land line and cell phones. They were out completely for about 45 minutes..

My daughter's boyfriend is on the way over here, his college, Citrus Community College in Azusa was evacuated and all students sent home.

Another friend of hers lives in Pomona and said the whole house swayed as if it was on a boat.

My daughter's best friend lives in Diamond Bar and was home alone. We just got a hold of her and she is hysterical, her brother is on his way home from Pomona Clairmont College which is also evacuating.

They're saying no immediate damage reports from the epicenter, between Chino and Diamond Bar, about fifteen miles from where I live, but I'm remembering they said the same thing when the Whittier earthquake hit in 1987. It took hours before the damage reports started coming in.

There have been 15 reported aftershocks, but we have only felt one where we live.

Everyone stay SAFE..............

Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles

By Brandon Keim EmailJuly 29, 2008 | 2:21:04 PMCategories: Geology

Quakemap_2 A moderately powerful earthquake struck southern California just minutes ago. Though originating from the Chino Hills, it shook buildings 30 miles away in Los Angeles.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake measured 5.8 on the Richter scale -- comparable to the aftershocks of the massive earthquake that hit central China in May.

Those aftershocks destroyed some 70,000 already-shaken and poorly-constructed buildings, but early anecdotal reports -- largely from users of social networking platform Twitter -- suggest that damage is minimal.

The quake was not likely not produced by tectonic shiftings underneath the the San Andreas fault, but the lesser-known Elsinore fault.


Will post updates.

Yep, we have Verizon on both land line and cell phone

Southern California earthquake takes out phones

The earthquake that hit Southern California on Tuesday disrupted phone service near its epicenter, Verizon Communications Inc. said.

Verizon spokesman Bill Kula there were sporadic outages for landline phones service in and around the Pomona area, but no effect on wireless service. (NOT TRUE)

AT&T Inc. spokesman Fletcher Cook said he had no damage reports yet.

Both companies provide local phone service in areas affected by the quake.

Preliminary information from the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the quake at magnitude 5.8, centered 29 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. (source)


Cal-State Long Beach evacuated


LIVE FEED from channel 4 news (Caltech on right now)

A Buddhist reaction.........

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