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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dick Morris: Israel's Bombing of Iran Will Determine our Election Outcome!

Last evening I was watching FOX news as the horrifying Dick Morris suggested it is only a matter of timing per our elections and who is ahead in the polls as to when Iran is bombed by Israel. This is all supposed to be a good thing for McCain and lo and behold, it's Israel who's going to choose our next president by their actions.

GLORY BE Dick, who's been sucking your toes lately, you're so gleeful I'm thinking someone, hm, Hannity perhaps was under the table sucking your toes as you spoke!

Happy as a clam good ole toe-sucking Dick goes on to suggest that Israel may go on to attack Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza!

Someone needs to lock this lunatic up!

Ellen over at Newshounds writes about last evenings Machiavellian rantings of Dick Morris HERE.

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