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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Offering #61: Peace it Together Makes it "Sweet Like Chocolate"

Peace It Together underway

Peace it Together will bring together over 30 youth aged 16 – 18 from Palestine, Israel and Canada, in order to promote peace in a region that has long been the subject of conflict and turmoil. The program takes place at Xenia on Bowen Island where the youth will make films that promote collaboration and peacemaking.

The first public screening of the films that the youth will create will be at Cates Hill Chapel on August 16. (source)

Website for Peace it Together

"sweet like chocolate" was produced at The Gulf Islands Film and Television School ( by Kelsey Smith, Hadeel Yassen, Nir Ayalon, and Nadav Strumtza.

Abstract visions are intertwined with future hopes. Sweet Like Chocolate captures testimonies exploring peace, freedom and fear.

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