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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ghazi Briegieth to Speak in Pasadena Sunday July 29, 2007

Peace Center @ CAL presents:

From Occupation to Asylum
Ghazi Briegieth talks about life in occupied Palestine
and his journey toward asylum in the U.S.

When: Sunday, July 29, 5:30 for dinner, 6:30 for the program
Where: Vrede House, 557 N. Madison Ave. in Pasadena

RSVP to 626-793-1103 or this email.

This event is free
Donations will be accepted toward Ghazi's support
Come visit the partially completed Urban Village website,

Ghazi Briegieth worked with The Parent's Circle and Christian Peacemaker Teams while in Palestine

The Parents Circle – Families Forum : Introduction
Our mission statement
Our programs
Organizational Information
The Families Forum's Board

The Parents Circle – Families Forum : Introduction

"Peace is possible when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable (…) the members of the Parents Circle have experienced this truth In the depths of their Suffering and loss. They have found that there Is more that unites us than Divides us, that we are All members of one family, the human family (…)" Desmond M. Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus
Letter to The Parents Circle – Families Forum, April 2004

It is, as far as we know, a world precedent that bereaved families, victims from both sides, embark on a joint reconciliation mission while the conflict is still active.
Consisting of several hundreds of bereaved families, half Palestinian and half Israeli, The Families Forum has played a crucial role since its inception in 1995, in spearheading a reconciliation process between Israelis and Palestinians. The Forum members have all lost immediate family members due to the violence in the region.

Our mission statement

• To prevent further bereavement, in the absence of peace
• To influence the public and the policy makers – to prefer the way of peace on the way of war
• To educate for peace and reconciliation
• To promote the cessation of acts of hostility and the achievement of a political agreement
• To prevent the usage of bereavement as a means of expanding enmity between our peoples
• To uphold mutual support between our members

We strive to offer a breakthrough in people's frame of mind, to allow a change of perception, a chance to re-consider one's views and attitudes towards the conflict and the other side.
The Forum activities are a unique phenomenon, in that they continue during all political circumstances and in spite of all tensions and violence in our region.
Our members initiate and lead projects throughout the Israeli and Palestinian communities.

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