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Friday, July 6, 2007

Cameraman Shot and Caught on Film in Gaza

Journalists federation denounces Israel for shooting wounded Hamas cameraman

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: A media watchdog group called for an investigation Friday into the shooting of a cameraman for Hamas TV who lay injured on a battlefield in Gaza.

The International Federation of Journalists, in a statement from Brussels, Belgium, denounced Israel for what it said was "a vicious and brutal example of deliberate targeting of a journalist."

Israeli army spokeswoman Maj. Avital Leibowitch said it was not clear who shot Imad Ghanem, 21, a cameraman for the Hamas-allied Al Aqsa TV, though she did not deny it could have been Israeli troops. There were no plans to investigate, she said.

Ghanem's legs were amputated Thursday after he was brought to the hospital in critical condition, doctors said. He remained in intensive care Friday.

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Following is the link to the video of this horrific event. PLEASE do not link unless you prepare yourself for what you are about to see. This is a man, continuously shot, and it is NOT for the faint of heart. This is VERY graphic material.


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