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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Eyewitness Testimony and Video of ILLEGAL Settlers Beating Bil'in Villagers

This is what the ILLEGAL ZEALOT ZIONIST settlers are doing in the West Bank. And NO Israeli soldiers stopped this. The steadfastness of Mohammed Khatib, Abdullah Abu Rahme, and Emad Bornat is UNBELIEVABLE, but they were BEATEN by the settlers. I just don't have any words for this............

From an email which was forwarded to me from Emad Bornat :

  Note that settlers repeatedly strike Mohammed, who doesn't even lift a   hand to defend
himself. He and the others are incredibly courageous. FORWARDED FROM ISM Palestine:
What is underreported about the incident that took place in Bil'in Wensday evening
is the nonviolent tactics used by Abdullah Abu Rahme and Mohammed Khatib from the
popular committee. First they got under the carvan that was being lowered by the
crane and told the settlers that they would have to lower it over their bodies .
Some settlers were telling the driver to do so. The settlers attacked them that
and then went for imad when they realised they were being filmed after beating imad
and breaking his camera and threatening to shoot him, he escaped and managed to save
the tape that you can see below. The settlers then proceeded to beat Abdullah and
Mohammad from under the caravan, a process that took a long time as whenever they
focused on one the other would stay under the caravan. All the time villagers
were attempting to come in their support but were forbidden to do so by the soldiers
at the gate in the wall. After they were beaten from underneath it and the driver
put it down (committing an offense under Israeli law) Abdullah and Mohammed who
were laying bleeding on the ground crawled under the wheels of the crane to stop it
from leaving the area! The settlers then stoned them and threw dirt at them to get
them out the police arrived, two hours after they were notified by the villagers
of the caravan's being placed (when the villagers placed a caravan on their own
land they were there within 15 minutes.) But instead of arresting the driver they
let him leave the area. They also refused to arrest the attackers or to allow
the wounded Palestinians to get treatment at an Israeli hospital forcing them to
wait wounded 45 minutes at the checkpoint until a Palestinian ambulance arrived.
The cravans were removed early this morning no doubt thanks to the attention
generated by their nonviolent actions. PS. if any body could subtitle a translation
of Emad's footage that would be great. while they are beating Mohammad with his
has arms spread open his is saying "go ahead beat me kill me go ahead" ... The
footage Imad managed to get before he was attacked and his camera broken:
hello friends watch and post it thank you emad bornat


All three were captured by the settlers and badly beaten, Em


January 1st, 2008

Tonight settlers attempted to place a caravan outside of Modi'in Illit, on land belonging to the village of Bil'in. The settlers are calling it a synagogue to make it harder for the military to remove it.

Mohammed Khatib, Abdullah Abu Rahme, and Emad Bornat of Bil'in tried to prevent the placement of the caravan by lying underneath it. All three were captured by the settlers and badly beaten, Emad Bornat's camera was destroyed.

Police have now arrived and all three have been taken to Sheik Zaid hospital in Ramallah. Emad Bornat was able to save the tape from the destroyed camera.

The police did not prevent the settlers from placing the illegal outpost on Bil'in's land without a building permit.

Around 50 villagers from Bil'in are stuck at the gate to their land while soldiers prevent them from entering, and the soldiers are beginning to use force against

On the fourth of September, the Israeli Supreme court ordered the route of the wall to be changed in order to return more of the villagers' agricultural land to the village.

This new outpost is an attempt by settlers to steal as much land from the villagers of Bil'in as possible.

Three Palestinians injured as settlers of Mattityahu attack Bil'in

author Wednesday January 02, 2008 11:58author by Ameen Abu Wardeh - IMEMC Newsauthor email nisreen at imemc dot org Report this post to the editors
Abdullah Abu Rahama, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlement reported on Wednesday that a group of settlers attempted on Tuesday night to establish two mobile homes on Bil'in's lands, a village located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah,in spite of the decision made by the Israeli Supreme Court in September 2007 ruling that land must be returned to Bil'in residents. The Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlement used the loud speakers to inform Bil'in villagers about the settlers attack.

The Mattityahu Settlement which was built on Bil'in lands
The Mattityahu Settlement which was built on Bil'in lands

Three members of Committee, Abdullah Abu Rahmah, Mohammad Khatib and Imad Burnat, were the first people to cross the Wall through it's big gate and arrived to find that the settlers had already set up the first mobile home and were about to set up the second one using a crane. Mohammad and Abdullah tried to prevent them by laying their bodies down on the ground while Imad was covering the operation with his camera.

The crane operator tried to scare Abdullah and Mohammad by trying to place the home on them. With the persistence of Abdullah and Mohammad, the settlers lost patience and shouted at the crane operator "Kill them; place the home on them so they will die." Settlers then attacked Imad, broke his camera and assaulted him until he escaped from them.

The settlers then turned to Mohammad and Abdullah, stamped on their faces and torsos, then forcibly evacuated them from the place and set up a second mobile home. When Abdullah and Mohammad regained strength, they lay down near the crane to prevent it from leaving the place before the arrival of the police. The settlers threw stones and dirt at them, but Mohammad and Abdullah stayed in their place until the police arrived. The crane operator attempted to run away, but the two stopped him from escaping from the police.

Mohammad Khatib and Abdullah Abu Rahmah had called the Committee's lawyer and he called the police.

Moreover, Israeli soldiers saw Imad Burnat, Abdullah Abu Rahmah, and Mohammad Khatib crossing the gate to Bil'in's land, knew of the of the settlers attack and of their illegal establishing of mobile homes. Still it took the Israeli authorities one hour to arrive. Villagers who were informed by the committee of the settlers' attack were unable to reach to the place where their lands were being defended as they were prevented by Israeli soldiers from crossing the gate.

Imad Burnat, Mohammad Khatib and Abdullah Abu Rahmah who were injured in the attack were later moved to the hospital to recieve treatment.

Translated by Nisreen Qumsieh - IMEMC News.

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