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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The One State Solution is the ONLY Solution Which America Should Support

This morning "President" Bush gave his weekly radio address which today concerns
his current visit to the Mideast on his "peace mission" The full text can be found
HERE, but I would like to focus in on one paragraph in particular which is America's
"support" of the two-state solution.

In plain language, the result must be the establishment of a free and
democratic homeland for the Palestinian people, just as Israel is a free
and democratic homeland for the Jewish people. For this to happen, the
Israelis must have secure, recognized, and defensible borders. And the
Palestinians must have a state that is viable, contiguous, sovereign,
and independent. Achieving this vision will require tough decisions and
painful concessions from both sides.

This is the language used for those proposing the two state solution, what many
think is the ONLY solution even worth discussing in the current impasse of the
"Israeli/Palestinian" conflict.

I would like anyone reading here, particularly Americans, (because it is with
American tax dollars that Israel is supported by more aid dollars than all other
countries combined to which we give aid),to note the EXACT wording of the above statement,
"Just as Israel is a free and democratic state for the JEWISH
people". AS worded, this statement confirms, that giving support to the two state solution SETS UP
a situation in which the United States is SUPPORTING a solution which violates it's
OWN values.

One can HARDLY string those words together in a sentence and pass it off as ANYTHING
similar to American values when the light is shown on the fact that TWENTY
percent of Israelis are Arab Israelis-so it would be the SAME as saying, "The
United States is a Free and Democratic State for the White Anglo Saxon
Christians" while OTHERS lived there too.

The US (and I am NOT an idealistic person-YES I strive for ideals-but I am
grounded in what "is" and what IS possible) has striven for years to overcome racism. We are publicly
uncomfortable with it-the civil rights act was passed, affirmative action (which in
itself has it's own problems of reverse racism),the fair housing act, the equal
rights amendment hanging out there being resurrected every so often for possible
renewed efforts for ratification, ALL of this, is what "Americans"-the America
we STRIVE for is about-

I struggled with the one state-two state idea myself. Long time ago, I was a
DEFINITE two state person. Then I got to looking and REALLY realized, for the
Arab Israelis, a two state solution is NOT the answer UNLESS, and I have to
EMPHASIZE unless (which I think is impossible to begin with) Arab Israelis have
FULL rights, and under "Jewish State" this is IMPOSSIBLE. Yet "two staters" are
proposing this very solution, to allow Israel to exist as a state which DISCRIMINATES.
One only need to look to the land laws in Israel which violate EVERY SINGLE law
the United States has in this area to see, Israel as a "Jewish state", VIOLATES
not ONLY American values, but ALSO American law.

Israel AS IT IS-does NOT come ANYWHERE near approximating "American values"--and
yet we say it does OR make exceptions. WHY? Why do we as Americans say it is
NOT OK do discriminate in this fashion in our own country---yet give BILLIONS to a
state that DOES-and THEN claim Israel is the only country in the Middle East that shares
our values and is our friend. No WONDER the Arabs hate us for our hypocracy in

This is NOT anti-semitism which for the life of me I am having a harder time
defining. The OLD anti-semitism was very very real. This NEW anti-semitism is
a canard thrown out. It's as if the toddler shouts out to his mommy (who
provides sustenance) when reprimanded for anything, "I'm going to call social
services on you and have you reported for child abuse ANY time you try to say no
to me!! HA HA-go ahead and try it mommy, I'll have you arrested" I'm going to make
the rules here, I DON'T HAVE TO PLAY with that little Arab boy and YOU CAN'T MAKE
ME!! May I ask you my readers here, should this child be allowed to continue to act
this way?

Israel is the "spoiled nation" yes INDEED. No one is going to kill you and
throw you in the ocean little Tommy, but it's about time a foot is put DOWN
here, because the more you get away with this, the UGLIER you will be as an
adult. Why is it America as the parent provider to Israel with their billions
of dollars sent there is not EMBARRASSED by this? Are we not an adult nation ourself?
Do we want to continue giving an allowance to this child? Or is it time to set
up a "behavior chart" and give special treats to this child ONLY when they behave

A year ago when I saw Hedy Epstein the question was asked to herabout the one/two state
solution. She paused, and very quietly said, "It's not going to happen in my life because
I am 83, it's not probably going to happen in your life, it MAY take one hundred
years as it did to really begin to throw off the yoke of slavery in the US-but
in order to become what I think Israel should be, that will have to happen.

Now without having that at LEAST as the goal, the US in supporting a two state
solution with all rights stated WITHIN the wording, "home for the Jewish people"
we are OPENLY supporting a state which does NOT fall ANY WHERE within OUR
values and INSTEAD supporting a state which needs to EVENTUALLY become something
else, a nation in which all are equal because it is IMPOSSIBLE to ask a people,
in this case the Palestinian people, to accept ANYTHING else. We have not in America,
HOW can we expect another people to?

The above statement by "President" Bush also has another inherent problem in wording,
"The Israelis must have secure, recognized and defensible borders" but does NOT mention
that same right for the proposed Palestinian state. The mere wording of this solution
is inequitable in ALL ways according to AMERICAN values-the most precious being "I hold
these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal" Nation states can
NEVER live side by side where one has a secured border and the other has not even been
given the recognition that they have that same right.

So all you civil rights people out there, wake UP and smell the coffee, if you
REALLY believe all men are created equal, you MUST support the one state
solution. If there had never been the civil rights workers who HAD the courage
to stand up, we would still would be living under Jim Crow laws. It took time and
MUCH effort, but it CAN be done--to have never done what it TOOK to achieve equality,
WOULD have been a travesty for America.

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