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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Letter to Senator Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,
Above there was a question asking me what subject matter I was writing to you about. I chose "civil rights" rather than the option "Middle East" because what is happening to those living in Gaza is a matter of civil rights, of INTERNATIONAL LAW being violated, and in this case, with a blind eye being turned once again by our country. As you and others in Congress remain silent on the siege of Gaza, I am wondering why it is that nothing is being done to address Israel's policies towards Gaza when they violate our OWN values as a nation. With the electricity being turned off and fuel supplies cut, medicines not allowed in, patients needing care not allowed out-72 dead thus far who were denied exit, I ask you, why are you not crying out that the country we are giving more aid to than all other countries combined is committing genocide on the Palestinians? Israel's brutal tactics will NOT work to bring peace, they will only work to create more armed resistance, a HUMAN reaction. Let it be said quite clearly, I am 100% against violence of ANY sort, please make that clear, of ANY sort, but human nature is to fight back. Gaza has been under closure since June. Do you have ANY idea what this means to the people living there? I am a Christian Senator Boxer and I plea with you both as a Christian and an American, PLEASE speak out against this because it is so morally wrong and goes against all that our country stands for, that ALL men are created equal and that ALL men are entitled the same rights under God and the law.

Thank you for your time Senator Boxer. I know you don't read your emails, but for whoever IS reading this, I send my blessings to her that she might find it in her heart to KNOW that collective punishment and genocide of a people, the Palestinians is NOT something our country should be turning a blind eye to.


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