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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stop the Expansion of Gambling in California

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Dear Supporter,

The largest expansion of gambling in U.S. history is headed to California unless we take action to stop it.

Tell the California legislature "No Deal"»

Props. 94, 95, 96, 97 will be on the California ballot February 5. Why is this deal a problem? If approved, these deals would bring more slot machines to our state than 12 large Vegas casinos combined. But the profits won’t benefit all Californians.

The "Big 4" tribes can manipulate the revenue sharing formula and underpay the state. Police and fire departments will get shortchanged, and not 1¢ is guaranteed to schools. And, these deals exempt the "Big 4" from certain environmental protection laws.

Don't let the "Big 4's" millions in political contributions pay off. Tell California politicians that this is a bad deal for all of us »

Thanks for taking action!

Care2 Campaign Team

one of the largest expansions of casino gambling in U.S. history - Sacramento Bee
Take Action!
The "Big 4" tribes - who spent millions in political contributions to get these deals - will make billions more in profits that come at our expense.

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