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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Offering #41: Crocodiles

Have humans become like crocodiles, with an automatic tendency to snap and devour? Is it a matter of conditioning, or are we born with this tendency?

That's more than I want to contemplate if the truth be known, because if humanity is to continue on this path of retribution and violence, there is NO hope.

For anyone possibly reading here, I am NOT kidding. I have NO WAY to tell EVERYONE that violence is NEVER the answer. Keep this killing up, WHOEVER YOU ARE, and YOU are EVERY BIT as responsible for the backlash as the person who actual strikes back. If it's OK for YOU to be violent, then it's OK for your enemy also.

THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!! And this goes for EVERYONE.

I have absolutely run out of things to say today and am TIRED of reading and posting about killing. How much more time is it going to take for EVERYONE to get tired of it and choose LIFE and non-violence over death and violence?

Until then, maybe this will work

Buddhists tame shrew crocodiles

Moscow, August 10, Interfax - A Taiwan animal trainer has developed a Buddhism-based method to tame the crocodiles.

Due to the method, the predators not only turn peaceful but also allow to brush their teeth and ride their backs, the Ren TV Channel reported in its 24 info.

Successful experiments of the crocodile trainer Siu Si Hae have made the Taiwan Zoo popular among the tourists as well as local people.

‘The crocodiles keep quite due to the benevolent aura. We daily invite Buddhist monks to pray in our zoo,’ he says.

However the trainer warns the visitors against following his example. The consequences, he says, may be deadly. (source)

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