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Friday, December 21, 2007

Who Would Jesus Drop Bombs On? Ask Campus Crusade for Christ

Someone needs to explain to me how this is different from what we are SUPPOSEDLY fighting, so-called "Islamofacism". Whenever ANYONE invokes the name of God when killing or OPPRESSING others, it is an EQUAL playing field. This is just SICK!!!!

Evangelist Video Shot at Air Force Academy Exposed

by Anna Schechter

A video made by a Christian ministry group shows Air Force Academy cadets being pressured to become “government paid missionaries when they leave” the academy, according to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), which released the video this week.

MRFF president Mikey Weinstein says the video is unconstitutional and an outrage.

“This is absolutely out of control. You cannot engage the U.S. government to propel your religion,” said Weinstein.
The video features former Academy Campus Crusade for Christ director Scot Blum saying, “They’re government paid missionaries when they leave here,” referring to graduates of the academy.

“Our purpose for Campus Crusade for Christ at the Air Force Academy is to make Jesus Christ the issue at the Air Force Academy and around the world,” said Blum on the video.

Watch the Campus Crusade for Christ video here.

Weinstein, whose organization has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense for violating service members’ right to religious freedom, said the video is one item on a “long menu” of unconstitutional evangelism going on in the military.

A spokeswoman for Campus Crusade for Christ said her organization’s Military Ministry occasionally comes under attack from various groups which don’t agree with her organization’s Christian mission.

“We are careful to comply with all government and Department of Defense policies and regulations which may apply to our ministry with government agencies and employees, and we will review the video in question to ensure continued compliance,” the spokeswoman said.

An Air Force Academy spokesman said he has not seen the video, but that the Air Force Academy has pledged to defend religious rights.

“We’ve worked actively to remind our people to respect others, and we make sure we offer a wide variety of [religious] services,” the spokesman said.


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