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Friday, December 21, 2007

Killing Gaza in Cold Blood

Killing patients in cold blood

Written by Haitham on 21. December 2007, 1828hrs // Part of Haitham's adventure in Action, Gaza, Israel, Palestine, War Crimes // Other posts by Haitham

Authenticated Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood:
Sam Armanda Reports from Gaza Strip, Dec, 20th 2007, PCAS (Source)

Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood

For the past 6 months Israeli occupation committed illegal and savage massacres against Palestinians. The committed actions (massacres) are flagrant and obvious violations of human rights law, four Geneva conventions and other international human laws and charters. Infants, old men and old women have been killed in cold blood. Yet Israel and its occupation forces say, “we are defending ourselves and own country!” Therefore, we ask a question! Are old men, old women and infants holding guns? Are they firing rockets? Are they…. Are they and are they! Wonders will not end bye the end of these words.

The more astonishing reality is the fact of those people in the following pictures. They are mostly patients with chronic diseases. They are being killed due to siege imposed on Gaza Strip. Israel is firing, shooting, and preventing them from having medicines and banning them from traveling abroad for medications.

Ironically, those patients are in serious health situations and they are spending their times in Intensive Care Unit, ICU. However, Israel is always rejecting their medical requests to leave for medications outside! The ready pretext made by Israel is, “they are source of danger on our state.”

Hence, we raise some questions with the help of patients’ pictures in Gazas’ hospitals. Are those powerless people able to bother Israel by blowing up themselves? Are they able to fire or short? Why they are banned from having medications abroad? Why Israelis reject letting medicines into Gaza Strip?

It’s remarkable that health sector has been rapidly and dramatically affected by the siege. According to the latest Humanitarian Situation Report of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) released on October 9th, 2007, fewer than five patients crossed into Israel/West Bank each day for medical treatment compared to an average of 40 patients per day in July. World Health Organization has indicated, though, that an average of 1000 patients used to leave Gaza for treatment each month prior to the mid-June closures. But now, all patients are banned to leave outside for urgent surgeries and medications!

The following pictures exclusively have been taken by Popular Committee Against Siege (PCAS). They are some of siege ramifications on health sector.

Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood

Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood

Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood

Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood

Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood

Israeli Crime in Gaza: killing patients in cold blood

More pictures (if you still have a stomach for):

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