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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pat Robertson States Bad Weather in the US Due to Treating Israel "Poorly"

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He's baaaaaack, (unfortunately, he has never been "gone"), Pat Robertson, America's "favorite"
Christian Zionist is telling us all just why we are experiencing such bad weather. It couldn't possibly be because it is winter and winter is KNOWN for bad weather. It also couldn't possibly be due to global warming, a scientific theory based on scientific FACT.

No, we are experiencing ice storms and such because the United States is treating Israel "poorly".

Let's not forget that Pat Robertson's ministry has received MILLIONS in federal funds for faith based initiatives. Ever a "friend" to Israel, two years ago he claimed Ariel Sharon's stroke was due to "conceding" to the Palestinians. (unilateral pullout from Gaza which has NOT ended the occupation of Gaza whatsoever, only made it worse. LINK The Palestinian International Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza)

But what is the United States doing to earn bad weather now? Sponsor "peace conferences"?

Poor Pat Robertson, he's getting up there in years, and perhaps will be dorming with Jerry Falwell soon in the bowels of hell. God save us ALL from these lunatics!

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