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Thursday, December 13, 2007

IRC Report: The Occupied Palestinian Territories, Dignity Denied

Red Cross urges action to lift plight of Palestinians

GENEVA: Lack of essentials such as medicines, food and water means people in the Palestinian territories are finding it increasingly difficult to live normal and dignified lives, the Red Cross said Thursday.

Medical facilities and water supplies are increasingly fragile in the Gaza Strip, while economic and social life in the West Bank is severely restricted, the International Committee of the Red Cross said.

Gaza has been largely isolated since June when Hamas seized control by force, triggering the virtual closure of its borders with Israel and Egypt.

"The measures imposed by Israel come at an enormous humanitarian cost, leaving the people living under occupation with just enough to survive, but not enough to live a normal and dignified life," said Beatrice Megevand Roggo, ICRC's head of operations for the Middle East.

Ordinary people were paying the price for the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant groups, she said, adding that the violent dispute between the Hamas and Fatah factions was contributing to the problem.

"The Palestinian population has effectively become a hostage to the conflict," Megevand Roggo said.

ICRC appealed for "immediate political steps to be taken to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the West Bank," including Israel easing travel restrictions.

The neutral agency also said Palestinian factions should "stop targeting civilian areas and endangering the lives of


IRC: The Occupied Palestinian Territories, Dignity Denied (PDF)


"To be a Palestinian means to face limits in every aspect of life. We are blocked everywhere: we lose our jobs, we cannot travel freely, we are separated from our families. To be a Palestinian means to be deprived of many things that to others are normal."
Mohammed, a Jerusalemite

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Then ask yourself, will this treatment of the Palestinian people ever bring peace?

Is this what the United States should be supporting with it's foreign policy?

Is this what our creator meant for us as human beings, to treat others like this?

Are they "others"? Or are they our own brothers and sisters, born as children of God DESERVING of human dignity in EVERY way that we are.

Pray for Palestine...............

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