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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

WRMEA: Remember These Children

I just subscribed to WRMEA myself this week. A year's subscription costs $29 and is WELL worth it. I also recieved the supplement mentioned here about the Palestinian children which I HIGHLY recommend.

Remember These Children Current Cover

Matt Horton (202) 939-6050 x103

NOW AVAILABLE: Updated Book Documenting Israeli and Palestinian Children Killed Since September 2000

Washington, D.C. April 23, 2006—Between Sept. 30, 2000 and March 27, 2007, more than 1,045 Israeli and Palestinian children under the age of 18 have been killed in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. Remember These Children, a publication of the American Educational Trust, Americans for Middle East Understanding, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, and the Parents Circle—Bereaved Families Forum, documents each of these deaths. Arranged chronologically by date of death, each entry includes the child’s name, age, hometown, how the child was killed and, where available, the nature of the fatal injury. Though painful to complete and read, the documentation conveys the personal reality behind these terrible statistics. The waste of human life—of hope and future promise—is almost too great to contemplate.

Its publishers hope that the third edition of Remember These Children, demonstrating as it does the conflict’s continuing and painful toll on innocent lives, will encourage a renewed determination to put an end to the violence of occupation.

Order Your Free Copy of Remember These Children Today!

To order your free copy of Remember These Children, please use our online order form. We ask only for contributions to cover shipping costs. Those interested in distributing Remember These Children at community events are invited to take advantage of bulk shipping rates. You can also download a PDF copy of the latest edition on our homepage

Consider Donating to Remember These Children.

Help us distribute Remember These Children, with its important information about the experience of children in Israel/Palestine, to as many people as possible by making a generous donation through our online donation form. Your contribution will help us distribute copies of Remember These Children to decision-makers, journalists and community leaders. It will also enable us to maintain the Remember These Children Web site, which provides updated documentation of the most recent deaths of Palestinian and Israeli children. Most importantly, however, we urge you to:

Help Make This Edition of Remember These Children the Last!

Please visit our advocacy page and make a difference in the lives of Israeli and Palestinian children, their families and their communities by learning more, making calls, writing letters and getting involved in organizations working for justice and peace.

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