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Monday, April 16, 2007

Imus On The Palestinians, 2004

If you are not familiar with the brouhaha going on about the firing of Don Imus, shock-jock extoidinaire, this week over his comment calling the ladies of the Rutger's women's basketball team "nappy headed hos", well, he DID get fired over these statements. The reverands Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were able to HURREDLY mount a campaign against him, but it wasn't until the advitisors started cancelling their advertising on Imus that MSNBC and CBS fired him. Now the contraversy is over free-speech vs hate-speech vs the public wanting to continue hearing it vs WHO has the power to stop it and in what cases they choose to use this power. EVERYONE is talking about this here in the States and the absolute irony is that Sean Hannity is defending Imus. No irony really, because Hannity is of the same ilk and thinks HIS butt might be on the line.

Personally, I am a firm advocate of free speech and do not believe laws should be put in place except in the most extreme of cases. The most famous supreme court case involving the limits on free speech noted, "you cannot shout FIRE in a crowded theater". Obvious reason: you could start a stampede and people could be injured or killed. But what about the "stampede of hate" that Don Imus and others like him participate in? People listen for only TWO reasons, either they DON'T agree with what is being said and listen to hear just what is going on, but more likely than not, they are listening because Imus and others like them are "kindred souls", megastars who "sock it to them" and say what they wish THEY had the opportunity to say on the public airwaves themselves. Some MIGHT be more reluctant and listen quietly agreeing, but in the end, they idolize the "Don Imuses" who have made big bucks off of spewing this to millions.

As stated, I am a firm believer in free speech, but conversely I am a firm believer in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in what comes out of one's own mouth. Yes anger can get the best of you and you regret what you say and do your best to make amends, but someone who makes money off of spewing hate is an ABSOLUTE lowlife in my book. And to take it one step further, those hiring and paying people like Imus are even more despicable, because it is THEY who are not only condoning this, but they are also SATURATING the American public's ear with it at the COST OF the news we are NOT being given. A few years ago it was month after month of the OJ trial on every single channel and recently Anna Nicole and NOW the topic of just what should be allowed itself. In my mind it is a WELCOMED topic because as an American I am TIRED of this and I want our media to take the responsibility to take this crap off the airwaves and replace it with the NEWS we are not getting.

Last night my husband and I were discussing this and I told him that I am utterly ashamed of our media in comparison to other countries where this crap is not as predominate and in some cases not present at all. Entertainment is one thing, but given a steady diet, full plate, covered dining table of this is NOT acceptable. It's EVERYWHERE and it is time for people to start taking their OWN responsibility in fostering it. We need to DEMAND that this stop ACROSS THE BOARD. I told my husband, "It's not even about Imus getting fired, it's about him being on the air in the first place!!"

The below article concerning Imus's statements about the Palestinians THREE YEARS AGO shows you how despicable this guy is. I will not deny that he has very good interviewing skills and that he has good guests on his program with some very good interviews, but that does not overcome the fact that he himself is a foul mouthed creature making money off of spouting hatred towards MANY.

Who has the power to stop this and are they using their powers selectively? I say ABSOLUTELY they are using their powers selectively. It is time, BEYOND time, that our media stop using this to make money off of AND to rile up the public into hateful fits. No laws needed because that is a slippery slope, but when you see a "hateful duck" that walks, talks and acts so despicably, DO NOT BUY IT. And when you speak against it, speak for ALL those affected by it, not JUST your own interest.

This article was sent to me by a faithful and VERY sweet reader, Clo.

Watch and listen to the Punch Investigations video about this, including the Don Imus and some other unnamed idiot making these disgusting, hate-filled racist statements on msn at:

It is unbelievable that they could say these things on live TV and nothing was said about it!! Substitute just about any other race or nationality in place of "Palestinian" and people would have gone through the roof!

Here is the Palestine Media Watch (PMW) press release about this.

Recalling Don Imus's Slur Against Palestinians

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PMWATCH -- April 15, 2007 -- Back in 2004, Don Imus and his cohorts referred to Palestinians as "stinking animals" and suggested that they all be killed.

PMWATCH issued an action call back then, but not much happened as far as extracting an apology from Don Imus, let alone getting him reprimanded by his employers. See action call at:

Now that people are listening and condemning his racism and sexism, make sure you remind everyone -- in your letters to the editor and elsewhere -- of the coarseness of a man who allowed his forum to be used to dehumanize a whole race of human beings -- a man who still insists that he is a good person who just did a bad thing!

For recommendations on language, please go to:

Palestine Media Watch
(866) 434-3195

Youtube of Imus speaking about Palestinians. Imus, YOU ARE A DESPICABLE MAN!!!

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