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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Big Bad Billionaire Has O'Reilly Up Nights Making Flow Charts

Did any of you happen to be watching the O'Reilly Factor last night? I have a confession to make, my dirty little secret, I watch O'Reilly. While many on the "left" or the "progressive side" refuse to watch him, I watch for one reason: for MANY ignorant Americans, O'Reilly is viewed as a "news broadcaster" at that most "fair and balanced" "news" channel FOX. So many Americans get their "news" from no one else but O'Reilly. Call it morbid curiosity, call it whatever you like, but I want to see just what this megastar of misinformation is telling the American public because he is the darling of the right wing. But last evening's performance took the cake in utter nonsense and MORE importantly, I contend it was provoked for no other reason than to protect AIPAC and the neo-con administration who is in bed with them.

Witness last nights' diatribe:

For the print version, link here

For an interesting take on last night's performance, News Hounds offers a good essay:

It looks like Bill O'Reilly made a formal declaration of war tonight against his dreaded enemies on the left. In fact he even had a flow chart to illustrate how George Soros is trying to buy influence and elections. According to O'Reilly, if a candidates doesn't do Soros's bidding, he withdraws funding and gets his hired assassins like Media Matters and to destroy him/her. He also singled out Rosie O'Donnell, Bill Moyers, John Edwards, Paul Krugman, Frank Rich as Soros operatives. Updated with video.

O'Reilly put up his flow chart, much like Ross Perot did a few years back, and asked his viewers to listen carefully as he explained the shadow world of George Soros and his operatives who work " under the radar"

George Soros' Open Society Institute funnels millions to the Tides Foundation who then fund the " vile propoganda outfit" Media Matters., Democracy Allience, Center for American Progress are all in the Soros web according to BOR and from there the big bucks trickle down to Jonathan Alter, Paul Krugman, "Elements at NBC" ( meaning Keith Olbermann)

BOR stated that Soros demands politicians do his bidding or lose funding and risk ruin.He used Joe Leiberman as an example of what happens if one goes against Soros. Then he asserted that John Edwards seems to be under the dark forces now. He concluded that Soros aims to "buy the presidential election"

Monica Crowley and Phil Kent joined BOR to firmly support his theory. In fact, Phil Kent's book on the subject, is about to be released.
Crowley supported everything O'Reilly said in the TPM describing it as "chilling"and a " well oiled machine" adding that moderate Democrats are targeted.

Phil Kent, plugging his book, was right there pumping up the danger factor calling Soros "Dr. Evil" Then Kent asserted that Soros funded an organization that defends suicide bombers naming the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee which is hardly a radical or dangerous organization.

O'Reilly made an effort to make Soros' business dealings look shady talking about off shore banking adding a quick shot that Soros had committed a felony in France. He let viewers know that the investigation will continue and Bill Moyers is the next victim which is not surprising since Moyers once described FOX as " political pornography."


Good Job News Hounds!! But you left out one VERY important fact about Soros. VERY recently George Soros penned the article "On Israel, America and AIPAC" then he told the public he would be funding and "alternative lobby" to AIPAC and then pulled away.

Last night' guests included Phil Kent who was allowed to openly slander the Arab American Anti
Discrimination Committee (notice Bill's face when Kent says this) without ANY rebuttal.
We are told by Kent, who just HAPPENED to write a book about billionaire lefties, that any honest every day American should BEWARE of a billionaire using his money to support "left-wing causes"

Then some how, Bill Moyer's name pops up. Kent and the flow chart would like you to believe it is because Bill Moyers is on the payroll of a "suspicious billionaire". It couldn't POSSIBLY have anything to do with the special airing on PBS tomorrow night by Moyers titled "Buying the War" in which among other things, Moyers exposes the media complicity of selling the defunct illegal invasion of Iraq to the American public.

Let's get it all out in the open here Mr. No Spin O'Turdy, is it the American public who needs to beware of George Soros, or is it YOU and those your unfair and unbalanced "news" company and the team you cheerlead for who should beware of George Soros? Who do you cheerlead for Billy-boy? George Bush, leader of the pack of neocons who are in bed with the Likud party who pushed for the US invasion of Iraq and whose representative in the US is AIPAC. Hmm, sounds fishy to me. Duck and cover Billy, it's YOU and your buddies with your tail between your legs, NOT the American public. After all, you always say you TRUST the American public to make up their own minds :), don't you?


Here's another article about the Moyer's special on tomorrow night by Kathy Gill;

In her article the following is stated:

" Those who wouldn't talk to Moyers include journalists and columnists on the right-side of the aisle: Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes, The Daily Standard's William Kristol and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer. A bevy of New York Times writers bowed out as well: former reporter Judith Miller and columnists Thomas Friedman and William Safire."

WOW, the CEO of FOX wouldn't talk to Moyers. I am SO surprised.

Also, here is a clip of tomorrown night's PBS special, "Buying the War"

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