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Saturday, February 10, 2007

US Speaking Schedule for Feryal Abu Haikal and Mohammed Khatib: Grassroots, Nonviolent Resistance to Israeli Apartheid

2007 USA Speaking Tour
January 25th, 2007 | Posted in Press Releases, USA Speaking Tour

Grassroots, Nonviolent Resistance to Israeli Apartheid
Feryal Abu Haikal from Tel Rumeida, Hebron &
Mohammed Khatib from Bil’in

US Speaking Tour: February 1 - March 7, 2007
Maine – Vermont – New York State – Michigan – Indiana – Chicago – Milwaukee – San Fransisco/Bay Area – Los Angeles – Arizona – Portland

Mohammed Khatib and Feryal Abu Haikal both live in West Bank communities that are immediately threatened with destruction due to actions of the Israeli military and settlers. From February 1 – March 7, they will be speaking in 23 cities around the US about their personal experiences with Israeli efforts to seize Palestinian land and violently expel Palestinians from their homes and communities, as well as Palestinian efforts to mobilize to nonviolently resist those measures. Largely unreported by the media, thousands of Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis are waging a grassroots, nonviolent campaign of resistance to Israel’s apartheid system of military occupation and discrimination against Palestinians.

Mohammed Khatib from Bilin
Mohammed Khatib is a leading member of Bil’in’s Popular Committee Against the Wall and the Secretary of Bil’in’s Village Council. He has been a principle organizer of Bil’in’s two year long, creative, nonviolent struggle to prevent the construction of Israel’s Wall on Bil’in’s land and to block the expansion of neighboring illegal Israeli settlements. Mr. Khatib has frequently been arrested and injured by the Israeli military for participating in nonviolent protests. He is quoted frequently in the Palestinian, Israeli and international media.

Published articles:
International Herald Tribune
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Feryal Abu Haikal from Hebron
Feryal Abu Haikal, an educator and 60 year old mother of 11 children, recently retired after 11 years as the headmistress at the Qurtuba School in the heart of Hebron’s old city. The Qurtuba school serves 100 Palestinian children in grades 1- 10. Some of the most extreme Israeli settlers have taken up residence in Hebron’s old city. They regularly attack Palestinian residents, including children, in an effort to expel them from their community. By continuing to function despite Israeli attacks on students and staff, the Qurtuba School has served as a model of nonviolent resistance. Feryal Abu Haikal and her family also remain in their home in nearby Tel Rumeida despite continual Israeli attacks.

(The following is what remains of their speaking tour from today)

Saturday February 10: New York City
Hunter College in Manhattan, 6:30pm
Lexington Ave. between 67th/68th
Hunter West building
4th floor, room HW415

Michigan: February 11-15

Sunday February 11: Lansing Michigan
7:00 PM, First United Methodist Church
115 N. Capitol Avenue

Monday February 12: East Lansing, Michigan
7:00 PM at Michigan State University
105 S. Kedzie Hall

Tuesday February 13: Detroit, Michigan
Royal Oak Public Library Lecture Hall
222 E. 11 Mile Rd., Royal Oak

Wednesday February 14: TBA

Thursday February 15: TBA

Indiana: February 16-17

Friday February 16: Indianapolis, Indiana
6 pm at Irvington Friends Meeting
831 N. Edmondson Ave

Saturday February 17: Bloomington, Indiana
6 pm at Boxcar Books
310 S. Washington
Bloomington, Indiana

Chicago: February 18-22

Sunday February 18:
2PM Islamic Foundation (basement meeting room)
300 West Highridge Road, Villa Park, IL

6-8 PM at the United Methodist Church in Logan Square

Wednesday February 21: Chicago
Evanston Public Library 7-8:45PM in Evanston

Thursday February 22: Chicago

Milwaukee: February 23
Bucketworks: 6PM
1319 North Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

San Francisco Bay Area: February 23-28
Saturday February 24: SF Bay Area

Monday February 26: SF Bay Area

Tuesday February 27: SF Bay Area

Wednesday February 28: SF Bay Area

Los Angeles: March 1
Thursday March 1: Los Angeles
7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Islamic Center of Southern California
434 S. Vermont Ave.
Sponsored by Women in Black-Los Angeles and I Witness Palestine
Call 323 993-3322 for more information

Arizona: US/Mexico Border: March 2-3
Friday March 2: Arizona

Saturday March 3: Arizona

Washington State: March 5-6
Monday March 5: Washington

Tuesday March 6: Washington

Portland, Oregon: March 7
Wednesday March 7: Portland, Oregon
7-9 p.m, Vollum Lecture Hall
Reed College

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