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Thursday, February 8, 2007


February 5, 2007, outside Fort Lewis where First Lieutenant Ehren Watada was court-marshalled this week which ended in a mistrial.

Picture 2: Kathy, Bob Watada and me

Picture 3: All of us from the Los Angeles delegation brought the banner NCRR had made for their different rallies. It sure came in handy!

Picture 4: Protest on the freeway overpass

Picture 5: Retired Colonel Anne Wright and another activist at the protest Tuesday in Dupont.

Mary Anne Wright resigned her post as deputy chief of mission in Mongolia on March 19, 2003, "the day before the United States launched air strikes on Baghdad" because "Wright decided she could no longer represent a government whose foreign policy she found indefensible." Wright sent Secretary of State Colin L. Powell a three-page typed letter in which she wrote: "'All my life I've been a public servant, and with every administration there are things that you personally may have to hold your nose and go, 'Oh, God,' says Wright, a retired Army colonel who joined the foreign service in 1987." [1]

"'But," she continues, "I never felt so strongly about any of them that I felt that I could not figure out how to either divorce myself from the policy so I wouldn't have to do any representing of it or else handle the PR work of whatever that policy was. I felt I could not support this administration's decision to go into Iraq, and when you disagree with a policy that feels like kind of a cornerstone--I morally felt that I could not participate in it.'" [2]

Picture 6: Need I say more!

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