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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Nostalgic Valentine's Greeting

Remember when times were more innocent and Valentine's Day meant something much more simple than what it does today? When we didn't have "alternative singles day" because you were a "loser" if you didn't have a date on Valentine's Day? When it was just a day to pass out heart candies to your friends at school and your parents gave you a heart shaped box of candies rather than a shopping spree for a new outfit to impress your friends and make you feel special? Well, at my age I do remember those days and I long for them. I long for the Valentine's day that wasn't an over-the-top commercialized occasion to try to impress the other with "just the right" gift and gesture. So here's my nostalgic Valentine to all of you, may this day and all of your days be spent loving and being loved, just as Frank sang to his daughter Nancy in simpler times.

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