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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My First Tag: Thanks Izzi!

This morning when I arose, after pouring my second cup of coffee to please my senses, as usual, I browsed my links. There I found that Izzi has tagged everyone on her blog roll to come up with a picture that "speaks more than words" This is a hard one Izzi! The picture you chose indeed speaks more than words. It goes to human depravity and the desire to occupy and control others. It goes to fear.

As I pondered what topic I even wanted to choose as a picture, my mind could not help to go to my wretched president, that so-called world leader who is a master of human depravity, desire to occupy and control, and fear mongering. The man responsible for so much destruction in the world, yet cartooned by the world.

Some say that bush is merely the monkey and he is controlled by the "organ grinder". I think to a large extent this is true. But that does not negate the fact that the 'monkey" has the final say in what our US foreign policy is. Fine thought that is as an American, I concur, my country is controlled by a petulent monkey seeking empire. Now what?

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