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Monday, February 12, 2007

Palestinian Mural in Jeopardy

General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) 415-338-1908
San Francisco State University
Palestinian Mural in Jeopardy

In April 2005, the General Union of Palestine Students at San Francisco State University proposed something revolutionary, to begin a process of implementing a mural paying tribute to Edward Said and Palestinian culture on the University campus. This is the first mural of its kind a University in the United States. After over a year of painstaking efforts by the mural committee to follow the established process, the President of San Francisco State University, Robert A. Corrigan, prematurely denied the mural just before the final stage. It is 2007 and the mural is in jeopardy and needs your immediate help The SF State president, Robert Corrigan claims the mural represents a “culture of violence” and is “hate to Jews.” He is saying that the Palestinian house key and Handala are offensive but he does not explain why or what to support his claim. He allowed other murals up on the Cesar Chavez Student Center, such as the Malcolm X mural, the Cesar Chavez mural, the Filipino Mural, the Pan Asian and Pacific Islander Mural that have representation of refugees and resistance to colonial occupation. However the administration has been trying to stop our mural since day one before they knew anything about it. Take action now by signing the latest online petition, writing a letter to President Corrigan from you or your organization, or financially support the legal process. President Corrigan has to understand that our mural is not just a couple of students in the back of a classroom that he can just shut up, but that the whole community supports the mural and all its elements including the Palestinian house key and Handala! Go to for more info.

What You Can Do

1. Sign the New Online Petition: http://www.petition mural/

2. Write a Letter or email SFSU President Robert A. Corrigan: (corrigan@sfsu. edu,, cortez@sfsu. edu)

President Robert Corrigan
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132
(email: corrigan@sfsu. edu)


General Union of Palestine Students
1650 Holloway Ave
Business Office, M100B
San Francisco, CA 94132

and C! C:

Maria Liliana Cortez
1650 Holloway Ave
Business Office, C-134
San Francisco, CA 94132
(email: cortez@sfsu. edu)

3. Make a Donation: Donations are tax- deductible.
Financial Support for the mural; The American Arab Anti-Discrimation Committee San Francisco Chapter is helping with the collection of donations.

Please make checks payable to: ADCSF/AGAPE with “GUPS” written in the memo section of the check.
Please send your donation to:
The ADC-SF (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of San Francisco)
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California, 94110
email: adcsfintern@ Phone (415) 861-7444

To view the mural, go here

About the General Union of Palestine Students

What is GUPS?

The General Union of Palestine Students is a student run organization that has been a part of the San Francisco State University community for over two decades. Established in the 1920’s, when the Palestinian struggle began, the Palestinian student movement was one of the first national Palestinian institutions to be formed.GUPS was officially launched in 1959 in Cairo, Egypt. Over 100 branches of GUPS were then established worldwide, with a total of over 100,000 students. GUPS has played a crucial role both in the Middle East and worldwide in increasing awareness of the Palestinian struggle.

What are the goals of GUPS?

At San Francisco State, GUPS is dedicated not only to political awareness, but cultural awareness as well. One of GUPS’s goals is to share Palestinian culture and history with the San Francisco State Community. Another goal of GUPS is to increase awareness of the Palestinian struggle for liberation. This occurs through such methods as teach-ins, panel discussions, civic involvement and protests. GUPS supports justice and equality and works towards ending the occupation of Palestinian land. GUPS has adopted the following guiding principles:

GUPS supports an immediate end to the occupation of Palestinian land

GUPS stands in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination

GUPS supports adherence to international law

GUPS stands firm in its belief that rectifying human rights abuses in the region is necessary for justice and peace to prevail

GUPS supports refugee right of return

GUPS condemns United States financial support of Israel

GUPS encourages the San Francisco State University Administration to divest from Israel

GUPS supports other movements seeking justice, equality and freedom. We stand in solidarity with people of color and indigenous populations.

GUPS supports the sharing of culture.
Who can become a member?

GUPS is not exclusive to only Palestinians or Arabs. People who support the above principles are encouraged to become involved. We are at a crucial point in history and just as the Palestinian people are being oppressed, we must in the name of humanity stand in solidarity with their struggle to be free. WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS!
How can you get involved?

GUPS has meetings weekly and plans several events each semester. In addition, GUPS has five officers and elections are held yearly. New people are encouraged to run for these positions. Meetings are held in the GUPS office, second floor of the Student Union. For times or to be added to our email lists please email or visit the office in the Cesar Chavez Student Center, Room M100B.

Where does GUPS stand on other important issues?

We believe in the principles of justice, equality and freedom not only for Palestinians but for the people of the world.

Where does GUPS get funding?

GUPS gets funded by the Associated Students Incorporated and does some fundraising tohelp make events successful. While we support the Palestinian struggle we do not donate or send money overseas. Our mission is geared more towards educating our fellow Americans and sustaining a strong student movement in the United States.

What Organizations does GUPS support?
GUPS works closely with several community based organizations in addition to supporting the work of student run organizations on campus.

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