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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday Offering #68: Dear God, Dear God, Let Israel Hear

Empathy. What is empathy? Simply, it is the ability to feel another's suffering.

This song, "Chad Gadya" is sung at the end of Seder during passover.

Can you feel another's suffering Israel? What is a Palestinian life worth to you that you cleansed them from their lands, using your "G-d" as a sorry excuse for this, your real estate deed written in book by your own ancestors setting you above all others as his "chosen".

God will damn you Israel, the God of mercy and love will DAMN you, for you did not look over Palestine, you have raped and slaughtered them.

A father bought a kid for two zuzim;
a cat came and ate the kid;
a dog then bit the cat;
the dog was beaten by a stick;
the stick was burned by fire;
water quenched the fire;
an ox drank the water;
a shohet (ritual slaughterer) slaughtered the ox;
the shohet was killed by the Angel of Death who
in punishment was destroyed by God.

"An Arab Shepherd is Searching for his Lamb" by Yehuda Amichai (the MERCILESS machine)

רועה ערבי מחפש גדי בהר ציון
An Arab Shepherd is searching for his kid [lamb] on Mt. Zion
ובהר ממול אני מחפש את בני.
On the opposite mountain I am searching for my kid [son]
רועה ערבי ואב יהודי
Arab shepherd and a Jewish father
בכשלונם הזמני.
in their temporary setback.
קולות שנינו נפגשים מעל
Our voices meet over
לברכת השולטן
The Sultan's Pool
שנינו רוצים שלא ייכנסו
we don't want them to enter
הבן והגדי
the son and the kid
לתוך המכונה הנוראה
into the horrible machine
של חד-גדיא."
of the Chad Gadya.

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