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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israel Targets Medical Personel/Ambulance in Beit Lahya

The Invasive Zionist Army Target the Medical Personnel and the Ambulances at Al Awda Hospital

At 10:00 am this morning, Sunday the fourth of January 2008 , while the medical team of Al Awda Hospital (AL Awda hospital belongs to the Union of Health Work Committees) carrying out their humanitarian duties responding to the help calls coming from civilians at the area of Beit Lahya (the Western roundabout) an ambulance driver Mr. Kahled Abu Sedah accompanied by first rescue officers (volunteers) Mr. Ala'a Sarhan and Mr. Arafah Abdeldayem moved to the area. When the ambulance reach the area and while evacuating the wounded an Israeli tank bombardment targeted the ambulance. All medical staff inside the ambulance were wounded as follow:

· Mr. Ala'a Sarhan is suffering serious injuries in his feet and abdomen. Doctors have to amputate one of his feet.

· Mr. Arafah Abdeldayem had direct injury to his chest and abdomen (specifically the liver) and right hand. He is now in the theater.

· Mr. Kahled Abu Sedah suffering moderate head injuries.

The ministry of Health, Red Crescent and Al Awda ambulances rescued the above mentioned victims.

The ambulance completely destroyed due to the fire which was broken out.

This is the way the troopers of Al Awda Hospital scarify their lives in order to save the live of others.

We will continue this way,

Union of Health Work Committees

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