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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Report Claims Israel May Be Using "Cluster Bombs" in Gaza

Report Claims Israel May Be Using "Cluster Bombs" in Gaza

Civilians are also concerned about "uranium and nuclear elements"

Israel Air Force above Gaza. Image Credit: Sameh Habeeb 2009-01-03.

BBSNews 2009-01-03 -- (Gaza Strip) By Sameh Habeeb. In the recent reporting period of this report, Israeli army is using all naval, ground and air forces to attack Gaza. With the early hours of Saturday morning, Israeli army started to shell and launch heavy air strikes against Gaza. Most of the bombings targeted buildings, farming and agricultural fields. The bombings range dramatically increased midday leaving five dead and ten others wounded.

The heavy deadly bombings focused on four areas in Khan Younis, Gaza and the north cities. The artillery shells engaged in the continued strikes with more new tactics. New shells are used for the first time. Eyewitnesses reported that new shells explode before landing on the targets making more small bombs. The shells are expected to be cluster bombs.

More Israeli new weapons are used today. Palestinians in Khan Younis massively called the radio stations and health centers to report on a bad smell goes out from the rockets in Khan Younis City. People are afraid this kind of weapon is shells enriched with Uranium and nuclear elements.

In Al Zaytoun area holes estimated of 20 meters dig deep underground due to new heavy rockets. Some of the targeted houses turned rubble and many people [are] reported to be injured. The ground military operation is expected to start within hours and this is due to heavy bombings which is a stage Israel uses before she goes on ground.

United Nations says humanitarian crisis is in Gaza due to the big number of casualties and inability of medical tools sector to deal with it. John Holmes, also said that people of Gaza are in poor conditions due to the siege which was already imposed 18 months ago.

Thousands of Gaza population hurried into the local markets in search of life basics but in vain. No more fuel, benzene, gasoline, flour, wheat, sugar, rice, bread, candlelight and thousands of commodities are not available in Gaza. Add to that, continued power cuts up to 20 hours during the cold weather of winter.

More airborne aids from Tunisia, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia arrived to Egypt and not to Gaza Yet. Secretary of Arab League, Amr Mousa criticized statements' of Livni which say no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. He indicated that Gaza faces a catastrophic situation.


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