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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

EXTRA: UN: Israel admits rocket fire was not from within school

Jerusalem - Israel told foreign diplomats Wednesday that Palestinian militants had not fired rockets from within a United Nations' school, a UN official said. Israeli military officials said on Tuesday that militants had fired rockets from within the school, and that attack provoked Israeli artillery fire which landed near the school and killed more than 40 Palestinians in the Jabalia refugee camp, many of whom were seeking refuge from fighting. "The Israeli army is briefing diplomats privately that the militant fire from Jablia yesterday did not come from inside the UNRWA school compound, but from the outside," said Chris Gunness, a spokesman for the UN Relief Works Agency, which aids Palestinian refugees. Gunness said the claim was a "major allegation against a neutral UN development agency" which "within a day turns out to be completely baseless."UNRWA's Gaza director, John Ging, had said earlier that to the best of his knowledge no rockets were fired from within the school. An Israeli military spokesman declined comment.


UPDATE: The above report from Earth Times has been confirmed by Reuters. Notice Israel's nuancing of their words STILL trying their damndest to excuse this war crime:

A spokesman for UNWRA separately told Reuters that the Israeli army, in private meetings with diplomats, had admitted that the mortar fire came from outside the school compound and not from within it.

"This is an extremely important distinction because we have been accused of very serious allegations that our premises were being used to fire rockets," spokesman Chris Gunness said.

The Israeli army said on Wednesday it stood by its statement of the day before in which said mortars had been fired "from within" the school, but then issued another statement dropping the word "within" to say "mortar fire from" the school.


Sorry IOF, "from" the school if it was NOT from "within" is STILL putting forth the misinformation that this SCHOOL was targeted because you are still saying FROM.


Try reading the Fourth Geneva Convention which Israel SIGNED August 12, 1949

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