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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ukeleles for Peace

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Ukeleles for Peace

"Ukuleles for Peace" is a grass roots project founded by Israeli citizen Paul Moore to familiarize and unite Israeli and Arab children through fun and music.
After years of living through the miserable situation between Israel and the Palestine Arabs, Paul asked himself what he could do to create more opportunities for Jews and Arabs to meet in a positive way.
Paul, an internationally acclaimed musician, decided to combine his love for the Ukulele and his experience in teaching music to children to create "Ukuleles For Peace".
Paul is now teaching the Ukulele in Jewish and Arab schools and forming orchestras of children who meet once a week in the Jewish schools and once a week in the Arab schools to practice and then, perform together.
The ultimate goal is to have Israeli and Arab school children performing together with the full support and involvement of both parents and school officials.

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