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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Concerns Over Sada Cumber's Appointment as US Envoy to the OIC

The following is from an email exchange I have been having with someone concerning the appointment of Sada Camber as envoy to the OIC which I wrote about yesterday HERE.

I have searched and searched the internet and have found no in depth questioning of the appointment of Cumber except for Iran questioning his appointment on other grounds.
Now notice what that states, "The new US envoy at OIC met on Wednesday with OIC Secretary Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to outline his programs. In the meeting, Ihsanoglu said world Muslims expect the US to depict the real image of Islam in the American society" But that isn't the stated purpose by our own State Department for his appointment! Read Rice's statement introducing him yesterday at the State Department dinner

As I see it, the OIC's acceptance of this envoy and our own State Department's purpose in appointing him are at cross purposes to each other ESPECIALLY with the appointment of someone like Cumber who has made a campaign contribution to the biggest Islamophobic presidential candidate (his wife's $2300 contribution to the presidential campaign of Rudolph Guiliani), or should I say, defunct candidate, praise heaven. The appointment of this particular person is a very CYNICAL appointment as I personally see it, an attempt on this administration's part to continue with their warlike policies in the Middle East.

I am extremely concerned that the OIC even accepted this person as an envoy without apparently vetting his background and personal political inclinations. I would rather see NO envoy than someone like this who has flown in under the radar it seems just because he is "Muslim". I just see it as a joke , Bush gets to have it reported in the press that he is reaching out to the OIC doing all he can do when it is obvious that yet again he has chosen someone to represent OUR country to the Muslim world in a manner which is not only detrimental to the Muslim world, it is also detrimental to US.

NO ONE in the MSN is reporting anything about the nature of this Cumber fellow's background except how much of a successful businessman he is. That's all fine and dandy, but I think this is way to0 important of an issue to let it just pass by without complete scrutiny. This administration is getting a free pass in this appointment and I am concerned that the OIC has been duped in their acceptance of him.

So bottom line of what I suggest is that the nature of this appointment be brought out in to the open so that this administration is held accountable for yet another attempt to screw over the Muslim world.

The fact is, if Obama wins the nomination and goes on to win the election he has already stated that he will be reaching out to the Muslim world. As I see it there is NO need for this current president to get ANY credit for doing that especially in the manner in which it has been done. Therefor, I think that Bush needs to be called on this immediately because it is OBVIOUS that Cumber's appointment is meaningless when it comes to our country's relationship with the Muslim world via the OIC.

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Anonymous said...

Completely I share your opinion. It is good idea. I support you.