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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Riyadh's Hip New Spa Hotel for Women Only

Check out KSA's hip new spa hotel for women only HERE

Women only at the Luthan.
Thursday, 27th March 2008
Source : Luthan Hotel and Spa

Luthan is today the ONLY all Women’s Hotel and Spa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Endorsed by the Minister of Tourism, Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin AbdulAziz and Prince Turki Bin Mohammed BinFahad– the launch of this unique hotel heralds a new beginning for women residents and travellers through The Kingdom. Affording an unparalleled sense of security to the local women and the international traveller alike.

Launched on the 18th of March, 2008, the Hotel was preceded by a State-of-the-art Spa on the same premises in December 2005. Today, the two facilities, unmatched for the quality of services are the pride of all the women who envisaged this project a few years ago.

Luthan Hotel and Spa offers an unusual blend of Health and Wellbeing to each guest. On the list of rejuvenating amenities we have methods and processes that span the globe. From alternative procedures of the Far East, special beauty treatments from the Americas to time tested spa related Bedouin healing methods of the stunning Arabian women themselves.

Services at Luthan:

  • Ayurveda
  • Aromatherapy
  • Aqua Healing
  • Reiki
  • Tibetan Sound Bowl Therapy
  • Wraps: Seaweed, Sea Algae, Sea Clay
  • Balinese and Thai Massage Treatments
  • Infra Red Treatments
  • Ultra Sound Treatments
  • Vaccum Suction Treatments
  • Micro current Treatments
  • Pulse Light Treatments
  • Oxygen treatments
  • Personalized fitness programs : Fat Burn circuit training,Aqua Excercises,Yoga, Pilates, Callenetics, Spinning, Fit Ball
Every service has been carefully chosen to make our women-only guests feel pampered and special. Whether she is taking a break from domesticity or is a stressed international women traveller dealing with a demanding business 24x7…she can be assured of a sanctuary - a haven - a Luthan. This is what our name connotes!

Uncompromising quality belies every one of Luthan’s 150 services. With personal care products from international brands like Phytoceane, Camille Darmont, Lillian Terry and Forest Essentials, every lady at Luthan simply knows she’s special.

Luthan is also planning to launch retail products from the Bayan line, a creation by a Saudi woman Dr Enam Bagedo. This 100% natural and organic product is a revival of Bedouin traditions.

On the anvil:

  • Expansion plans are being carefully developed and one will see similar projects under the aegis of Luthan in other parts of the Kingdom soon
  • Luthan Hospitality School: As an ongoing contribution to Saudisation and the development of peripheral industry requirements, Luthan will train Saudi women.
The Luthan Hospitality School will offer a one year Diploma Course followed by a two year internship program. Luthan Hotel and Spa plans to work in tandem with other female organisations and values associations with all organizations that aims at training local workforce, especially the empowerment of females. Luthan seeks to apply its assets for social purposes. When we successfully assist Saudi women to benchmark such unique projects, we will have achieved our goals. Luthan is definitely striving to realize the vision of excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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