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Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick candidate fact sheet and breakdown

Energy Policy Immigration Healthcare Education Foreign Policy

1,180 of 2,025 delegates required to win nomination
Wants to end tax breaks for oil companies and use revenue from those taxes to finance alternative energy research and infrastructure.
Wants to institute a cap-and-trade system, where pollution credits must be auctioned and the revenue used to invest in alternative energy.
Wants 20% of America's energy to come from alternative sources by 2020.
Wants to increase fuel efficiency standards to 40 miles per gallon for automobiles.
Believes employers should be held accountable for hiring illegal immigrants.
Sponsored the Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007 that allows immigration services to appropriate funds to offset the increased cost of processing immigrant's applications for citizenship.
Doesn't believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to work in the U.S., but wants to create a program to allow them to earn legal status, lean English and have them pay a fine before beginning the citizenship process.
Would require all children to have health coverage.
Wants to provide subsidies for citizens who cannot afford health insurance.
Promises to provide a plan for universal health coverage by the end of his first term, if elected.
Believes the health care system should emphasize prevention.
Would favor a national smoking ban if local bans fail, but said he would prefer local action.
Wants to offer students a $4,000 tuition credit in exchange for 100 hours of community service.
Wants to eliminate the FAFSA form for student aid and replace it with a check box on tax forms that would authorize tax information to be used for student loan purposes.
Clinton has proposed a similar plan.
Would vote to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind program provided funding is increased and accountability methods re-examined.
Spoke against the Iraq war in 2002.
Says he will begin removing troops from Iraq immediately upon being elected, and have all combat troops out of Iraq within 16 months.
Wants to provide $2 billion to fund humanitarian programs for Iraqi refugees.
Promises to secure all loose nuclear material within four years.
Wants to strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Wants to expand the armed forces.

1,026 of 2,025 delegates required to win nomination
Believes investing in alternative energy will create new jobs by employing people to build and maintain infrastructure.
Believes Americans should do more to conserve energy.
Doesn't favor nuclear power unless costs for construction and operation go down and viable solutions for waste disposal are found.
Proposes ending tax breaks for oil companies and using revenue from those taxes to fund part of a $50 billion investment in alternative energy.
Wants to increase fuel efficiency standards to 55 miles per gallon by 2030.
Voted in favor of building a border fence between the United States and Mexico.
Opposes granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
Believes the United States should do more to help Central and South American countries create more jobs for their own people.
Voted against a bill declaring English the official language of the United States government.
Voted against an amendment to a senate bill that would prevent undocumented immigrants from receiving social security benefits.
Supports a guest worker program.
Believes it is a moral imperative to cover all Americans.
Proposed a universal health care program.
Wants to require all Americans to carry health insurance.
Doesn't favor a national smoking ban.
Wants to require health insurance providers to cover people regardless of pre-existing conditions.
Wants health care companies that work with the federal government to move towards electronic record keeping.
Wants to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act.
Agreed with the passage of, but abstained from voting on, the College Cost Reduction and Access Act.
The bill, signed into law by President Bush in 2007, reduced lender subsidies, reauthorized and provided additional funding for the Pell Grant program and cut interest rates on student loans.
Proposed a Student Borrower Bill of Rights which limited payments required of students based on their income and required colleges to disclose information regarding graduates' default rates and earnings.
The bill was killed in committee.
Doesn't believe there should be permanent military bases or occupation in Iraq.
Wants to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within 60 days of her term if elected.
Would seek to replace military presence in Iraq with a diplomatic one.
Voted to authorize the use of military force against Iraq in 2002. Has said she voted for the use of force based on the information available to her at the time.
Voted yes on an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which designates Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

876 of 1,191 delegates required to win nomination
Believes nuclear power is an important part of reducing dependence on foreign oil.
Believes climate change is taking place and steps should be taken to counteract it.
Voted against drilling for oil in the Alaskan coastal plain.
Voted against terminating automobile fuel efficiency standards in 2002.
Voted against the Bush administration's Energy Policy Act of 2003.
Wants to force states to fully compensate citizens when environmental concerns limit the use of their land.
Did not support the Kyoto Treaty.
Believes companies that employ illegal immigrants should be prosecuted.
Believes setting up a temporary worker program is a key part of solving illegal immigration.
Believes illegal immigrants that commit crimes should be deported immediately.
Supports prohibiting states from passing laws that deny human services to illegal immigrants and their children.
Supports increasing the immigration quota for information technology workers.
Voted in favor of declaring English the official language of the U.S. government.
Believes there should be malpractice reform.
Believes inflation associated with healthcare is the largest issue facing the industry today.
Believes the primary issue in health coverage is keeping costs down.
Doesn't believe universal health care will work in the U.S.
Wants to give individuals a $2,500 and families a $5,000 refundable tax credit for health care.
Supports reclassifying nicotine as a drug and FDA regulation of cigarettes.
Voted to limit self-employed health care tax deductions.
Believes school districts should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not to teach creationism or evolution in schools.
Has promoted vouchers and charter schools in the past.
Voted to reauthorize No Child Left Behind.
Has come out in support of the decision to go to war with Iraq, and said the U.S. should not set a date for withdrawal of combat troops.
Believes U.S. troops should stay in Iraq for the long term if American casualties are low.
Believes success in Iraq is vital to U.S. national security interests.
Voted against redeploying combat troops out of Iraq.
Voted against investigating contract awards in Iraq and Afghanistan.

249 of 1,191 delegates required to win nomination
Supports drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.
Promised energy independence for the U.S. by the end of his second term, if elected.
Promised to set aside a federal research and development budget to fund alternative fuels, but wants to let the market decide solutions.
Wants to explore nuclear energy as an alternative to oil.
Believes state environmental regulations should not be stricter than federal laws.
Believes signing on to the Kyoto treaty would have been a mistake.
Opposes granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
Strongly opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.
Believes employers that hire illegal immigrants should be subject to penalties and fines.
Supports building a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border.
Believes the federal government should crack down on cities that provide sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.
Has said some anti-immigration measures stem from racism.
Opposes a universal health care system.
Believes the health care industry should focus on preventative care.
While governor of Arkansas, passed legislation, titled ARKids, to give children preventative health insurance. Claims his plan covered 60,000 children.
Has called for banning smoking in public places and workplaces, but has not called for a general ban.
Believes health care records should be portable, not stay with a doctor.
Advocates increased funding for charter schools.
Supported the Omnibus Education Act of 2003 in Arkansas, an act that allowed the state to terminate superintendents and replace the school boards of failing schools.
Supports displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools.
Supported raising teacher salaries while the governor of Arkansas.
Supports abstience-only sex education.
Believes withdrawal from Iraq is a mistake.
Does not want to set a timetable for troop withdrawal.
Believes the war in Iraq is an integral part of the war on terror.
Stated that, as President, he would ensure Israel has access to state-of-the-art weapons and technology.
Wants to expand the army and increase the defense budget.
Supported the decision to go to war in Iraq.

14 of 1,191 delegates required to win nomination
Doesn't support tax breaks and subsidies for oil companies and believes they should fund research and development out of their own profits.
Believes nuclear energy is the cheapest source of energy.
Voted to allow drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.
Voted against the Bush administration's national energy policy in 2004.
Voted against implementing the Kyoto protocol.
Voted against a moratorium on offshore oil drilling.
Voted to allow permits to construct more oil refineries.
Believes alternative energy sources should prove their viability in the free market.
Believes the U.S. should end birthright citizenship.
Believes immigrants that overstay their visas should be deported.
Doesn't support an amnesty program for illegal immigrants.
Believes English should be the official language of the U.S. government, but that local governments should decide the issue of bilingualism for themselves.
Voted for building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Voted for a bill that increased the number of immigrant visas for skilled workers.
Opposed the Homeland Security Bill on the grounds it authorized federally-enforced smallpox vaccinations for all citizens. He said he felt the government should not have the power to require immunizations.
Opposes a universal health care system.
Voted against expanding SCHIP.
Voted to remove restrictions on the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for drugs covered under medicare.
Believes the federal Medicare entitlement should be abolished.
Wants to institute a tax credit for homeschooling and private schools.
Said he is committed to guaranteeing parity for home school diplomas and advancing equal scholarship consideration for students entering college from a home school environment.
Voted against a bill cutting Pell Grant interest rates from 6.8 to 3.4 percent and providing $84 million in grants for institutions that serve primarily black and Hispanic students.
Voted against the No Child Left Behind Act.
Wants to abolish the federal Department of Education.
Voted against authorizing the use of force against Iraq.
Advocates an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
Stresses a strict constitutionalist stance concerning the use of force, meaning he has stated the President cannot decide when to go to war, it takes an act of Congress.
Believes Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium for fuel.
Has said the U.S. went to war with Iraq under false pretenses.

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