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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dessert and Work

Have you ever been so DISGUSTED and scared that you just want to escape? That's how I feel right now. Romney just appeared on television giving his "departing from the race" I WANT TO BE ON THE TICKET AS THE VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE speech. Did you hear it?
Listening to the MSN, we are not hearing about the ISSUES, we are getting "politics"-how is the race playing out. The dumbing down of America and the cheering for these war-mongering candidates is IMPOSSIBLE for me to listen to.

Just now, chatting with a friend, we both decided we needed to move-move somewhere that is NOT a war-mongering nation. So, with that in mind, he suggested New Zealand after I stated I would rather live in Iceland next to a guyser spewing sulfur which I am deathly allergic to than remain in the US if McCaine becomes president. "Global Jihadism" is the "enemy"........NOTHING about the "war on terror" killing over ONE MILLION IRAQIS!

What is going to happen to America if these two get in? Chatter is McCain is going for the Evangelical vote, it's either Romney or Huckabee (to get the South) OR there's the possibility of Lieberman which I personally doubt. And Hillary.......NO BETTER.

So with that in mind, I offer some lovely New Zealand dessert recipes for a BREATHER. Then eat your dessert, and GET DOWN TO BUSINESS of calling the State Department, your senators and representatives, the White House and invite them over, because God knows, our country NEEDS a different direction!

THIS is what we need to defeat, our country KILLING for their business interests. Our country CREATING the greatest animosity against us ever in history. Our country which has the capability of destruction and has USED it, we want it BACK. Our country going DOWN the TUBES with the front running candidates NEVER speaking up for those our country has killed! Everyone, this is NOT just about our boys dying, this is about "our boys" KILLING-our GOVERNMENT which is supposed to represent US- attacking another sovereign nation ILLEGALLY and decimating it.

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