These two children are Ahmed Qassim Hamza and Mohammed Qassim Hamza.

Abeer's brothers Ahmed is the boy on the left has the age of 9. His brother Mohammed is 11. They are not much older than the children I teach in our school in the refugee camp that I and my children live in.

They are not much older than my children.

These two children all that is left of the the family of Iraki 14 year old girl Abeer who was raped and murdered in Mahmoudiya by 5 US soldiers. The 5 American animals in uniform did this because they wanted to and because they could for no other reason. And now your dirty American rapist soldiers the ones who got caught are crying like bad children who have been caught doing something wrong. This is what your “brave American soldiers” did to the family of these two children:

  1. Their father Qasim Hamza Raheem’s head was “smashed” by bullets.
  2. Their mother Fakhriyah Taha Muhsin was murder by Americans shooting her in the head.
  3. American soldiers shot their seven year old younger sister Hadeel Qasim Hamza dead. Maybe we should be grateful that they didn’t rape her too.
  4. Their fourteen year old sister Abeer Qasim Hamza first raped then shot and her body burnt.

Their sister Abeer heard all of this being done as she was being raped by your brave American boys. Your brave American boys whose parents brought them up to believe that they could behave as they wish in other people’s homes. Your brave American boys who steal constantly when they smash in the doors to our homes to force their way in. . If you are the wife of an American soldier ask him which Iraki home he stole your new rings and earrings from. No do not bother he probably will not know. We all look the same to you don’t we?

I am not interested in hearing from Americans about forgiveness or justice or mercy. I give thanks to God that I am not an American. When you have sent your rapist invaders to an Iraki court to be tried and sentenced according to Iraki law then we can start talking about “mercy” and “forgiveness.”

Abeer's brothersThe only reason these two boys are not dead is because they were away at school. When they came back from school they saw what your brave American boys had done to their family and to their home.

  1. They could see their dead parents.
  2. They could see and smell the blood of their murdered parents.
  3. They could see their dead sister Hadeel.
  4. They could see the flames in their home set on fire by the same American soldiers who had murdered and raped the people they loved.

Their cousin Abu Firas Janabi found them standing crying in front of the door to their home. the home that the brave American soldiers set on fire after murdering their family, and raping their sister, they could see the dead bodys of their parents and the dead body of their younger sister.

There is no excuse for what your American troops do. But there is a reason they did this because they were Americans and they wanted to do it so they did. They did it because they were badly brought up by bad parents in a bad country. Yes their parents are bad people If they were decent people who had done their job properly their sons would not be in my country preying upon Iraki children like mine and like the sister of these two boys.



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