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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Broken Votes

This Day In History: 1886 Thomas Edison, 19 years old, filed for a patent on his first invention. The electric machine was used for counting votes for the U.S. Congress, however the Congress did not buy it.


Congress DID buy it some eighty years later in the 1960's when the punch card system was introduced

Now the US is littered with numerous voting systems, ALL of which have the potential for fraud.

Learn more at BLACKBOX VOTING and be ready to have your hair stand on end if you think that voting is the way in which you state your opinions and choices as an American.

GETTING OVER IT - The Citizen Push for Election Integrity: Ed Asner hosts an Emergency Town Hall Forum on America's vote fraud crisis and what we can do about it. San Diego, CA Oct. 25, 2006 With voting investigator Bev Harris, election integrity attorneys Lowell Finley and Paul Lehto, Utah whistleblower Bruce Funk, sportscaster/blogger Jim Lampley and local activists.

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