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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saber Rattling Becoming Reality: NO WAR ON IRAN!

This is most ominous......MOST ominous.

US weighs possible strikes on Iran's military: report
1 hour ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US administration has shifted strategy and is drawing up plans for possible air strikes against Iran's Revolutionary Guard instead of the country's nuclear sites, the New Yorker magazine reported on Sunday.

President George W. Bush has requested the Joint Chiefs of Staff revise plans for a possible attack on Iran, with the focus on "surgical" raids against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps which Washington accuses of targeting US forces in Iraq, the magazine wrote.

Previous contingency plans called for a more elaborate bombing campaign against suspected nuclear sites in Iran as well as other infrastructure, the magazine reported, citing unnamed former officials and government consultants.

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Could this possibly be even further "justified" in light of this which CLEARLY is stated as a "symbolic move" ENOUGH already. With the passage of the Kyl Lieberman amendment this week the US is NOT making "symbolic statements". The US is CLEARLY readying for war on Iran. The US does NOT have the troops NOR the ability to spread this regional war further and it is just plain WRONG in the first place. God Almighty what is going to happen next?

Read Seymour Hirsch's article HERE at the New Yorker.


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