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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The "Chosen" Nation Speaks Again

Reading all of the threats of Israel to cut off water and electricity to Gaza is once AGAIN reading about Israel's intention to break international law. Reading an article posted today in JPost by former New York mayor Ed Koch just further displays the blatant audacity of Zionists. (source)

In part:

I had some interesting correspondence with an Israeli human rights advocacy group, which I would like to share with you. My letter read as follows:

I read with interest an Associated Press report in which you were quoted in response to the Israeli government’s threat “to hit the services that supply the Gaza Strip from the State of Israel,” a reference to electricity, fuel and water provided to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip by Israel. Your comment was, ‘Deliberately targeting civilians, in Gaza or Sderot, is neither legal nor moral.’

Writing further:

"It is my understanding that the Hamas government of Gaza has said that it is at war with the State of Israel and will not recognize any prior agreements entered into with Israel by its predecessor government in which the major party was Fatah. Nor would it renounce violence. It is also my understanding that for those reasons, the United States, the European Union and others will not recognize the Hamas government in Gaza. If those are the facts, could you please cite the laws, international or other, on which you are relying that would require the State of Israel to continue to provide electricity, fuel and water to a government in a state of war against it and currently allows different terrorist factions in Gaza to operate freely and launch missiles against communities like Sderot, situated in the State of Israel."

I received a response from Sari Bashi, Director of Gisha. She wrote, “It is a pleasure to hear from you. I grew up in New Jersey, and my mother, a New York resident, has always been one of your biggest fans. She always told me how she identified with your directness and your love for New York -- two characteristics that she shares. Thank you for your interest. I will address your question, and I would also like to refer you to some documents that provide more detail, if you are interested, especially a position paper Gisha has issued, Disengaged Occupiers: The Legal Status of Gaza, which is available at”

Writing further in typical condescending Zionist fashion:

Because I would like to accommodate Ms. Bashi, knowing that her mother is a New York resident, let me suggest a compromise: Israel should provide water and electricity to Gaza at breakfast time for an hour at most each day, and then shut down the services for the balance of the day. If the missiles continue for a week, Israel should stop providing the services altogether.

Well Mr. Koch, you need the law read to it is (Article 14 of the Second Geneva Protocol) (Not that Israel has been complying with the Geneva Protocols EVER)

Art 14. Protection of objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population

Starvation of civilians as a method of combat is prohibited. It is therefore prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless for that purpose, objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population such as food-stuffs, agricultural areas for the production of food-stuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies and irrigation works.

Now let's not neglect the fact Mr. Dufus former mayor of New York that the water supply DEPENDS on electrical supply for the pumps to deliver the water. Why don't YOU try living on only one hour of water and electricity at breakfast time just for the heck of it. Oh, sorry, I wouldn't want you to not be able to flush the toilet full of your SHIT "compromises". Take your "choseness" and STUFF IT!

"Israel's Collective Punishment of Gaza"

22 September 2007

Declaring the Gaza Strip as a "hostile entity" and limiting its supply of fuel and electricity is an act of collective punishment by Israel. The Kadima-led coalition government has also said it will further restrict the transfer of goods and people in and out of Gaza. The moves are part of an escalating offensive against Gaza’s one-and-a-half million residents that could culminate in an armed attack.

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