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Thursday, August 23, 2007

God's Muslim Warriors and the Elephant in the Room

This week, airing on CNN, is the documentary "God's Warriors". Tuesday, the first of this documentary' segments, "God's Jewish Warriors" was aired (you can view it here). Last night, "God's Muslim Warriors" aired.

The embedding has been disabled for this portion, but you can view "God's Muslim Warriors"


The following is a short video available on you tube of a synopsis of this segment "God's Muslim Warriors" The submitter who posted this video writes:

"This is taken from a snipet of the CNN show God's Warriors. This segment happens to be about Islam and why Muslim parties are getting elected, even in overtly secular countries like Egypt. She is so right it hurts. It has nothing to do with them hating us for our freedom and everything with US foriegn policy and wealth. People are waking up finally."

I agree, people are waking up. Please read below this video for my own thoughts thus far on this series.

If you happen to be watching this series as it airs, or if you are viewing it for the first time here,
it should be known that CNN is dedicating a very large chunk of their air time to this documentary. Both days thus far, the program has aired three times, a total of six hours. That is one full quarter of their air time each day, for three days in a row. I venture to say that CNN will also re-air this series in the future as they do their other documentary series.

When a major news outlet such as CNN ventures on an undertaking such as this one, which took eight months to produce, the time and effort which went into it is vast. Much editing took place, and topics themselves were chosen to focus on.

I would like to refer at this point to Karin's posting (Munich and a Little Bit of Everything) concerning her own personal feelings thus far while watching this series. Please read here
And with Karin, I would like to state emphatically, that I do NOT condone the use of violence EVER.

I agree with Karin whole heartedly in her synopsis, that while CNN should be commended for such a monumental undertaking, there are certain things omitted, certain things stated and emphasized.

One glaring omision of the second in this series, "God's Muslim Warriors", was the fact that more Muslims have suffered from so-called "Islamic terrorism" than have others. While the first airing, "God's Jewish Warriors" gave ample air time to Israel removing the settlers (who by indication are the "Jewish Warriors"), not nearly enough air time was given to Arab governments in the Middle East cracking down on terrorist cells in their own countries. True, Egypt has cracked down, but it was stated that Egypt is a "virtual police state" which has lead to an upswing in fundamentalism as opposed to the desired result, thus painting Egypt as inept at dealing with the situation. Also, CNN let "stand" the statement concerning Sadat's peace initiative with Israel as an "earthquake" WITHOUT stating why.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan are two others who quickly come to mind who have had to deal with terrorism on their own soil, both are Islamic nations, both have had their share of tragedies , yet CNN chose not to air this fact. In other words, this is a problem that is affecting the nations of the Middle East more than here or in Israel yet I do not feel CNN adequetly covered this fact.

Furthermore, CNN chose to ignore the "elephant in the room", Zionism. While choosing to focus on Israel's dilemma with the settlers, who on one hand they remove a few while allowing others to construct illegal settlements, it IGNORES the fact that the state of Israel itself was established with the SAME mentality, the SAME methods as shown in this documentary. Yet they focus on the settlements now as a hindrance to the "peace process".

The hindrance to the "peace process" is Zionism itself, which through its' "God Warrior" actions, established a state in a land where Palestinians had been living for mileniums. 750, ooo Palestinians were made refugees from their own land in 1948 and still as yet have not been allowed to return to their homeland which is a right guaranteed to them under the Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Where was this covered in this series? Where was it said that the state of Israel has created an exclusive state for Jews to be invited to ONLY? NO WHERE was it stated in this series.

Furthermore, to add insult to injury, last night's "Muslim Warriors" ended on a note of a young Palestinian woman stating "we all wish to be martyrs". "ALL"? Why did CNN leave off with this quote and ignore Zionism altogether?

Perhaps the first in this series could have covered the MANY instances of the IOF battering Palestinians participating in non-violent demonstrations against the occupation. (View here, the weekly non-violent protest in Bel'in in which Palestinians and ISM workers participate 8/10/07 protest) The IOF repeatedly has fired upon peaceful NON-violent protesters in the ILLEGALLY occupied territories.

Jean Bricmont writes here: (Political Lobotomy: Dezionizing the American Mind)
Why is Israel so hated? The constant stalling of "peace plans" in favor of more settlements and more war aggravates that hatred, but the basic cause lies in the very principles on which that state is build. There are basically two arguments that have justified establishing the State of Israel in Palestine: one is that God gave that land to the Jews, and the other is the Holocaust. The first one is deeply insulting to people who are profoundly religious, like most Arabs, but of another creed. And, for the second, it amounts to making people pay for a crime that they did not commit. Both arguments are deeply racist, with their claim that it is right for Jews, and only Jews, to set up a state in a land that would obviously be Arab, like Jordan or Lebanon, if not for the slow Zionist invasion. This is illustrated by the "law of return": any Jew, anywhere, having no connection with Palestine whatsoever, and not suffering from the slightest persecution, can, if he so wishes, emigrate to Israel and easily become a citizen, while the inhabitants who fled in 1948, or their children, cannot. Add to that the fact that a city claimed to be Holy by three religions has become the "eternal capital of the Jewish people" (and only them) and one should start to understand the rage that all this provokes throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

Is Zionism itself not a policy of a "God Warrior"?

The "elephant in the room" is NOT going to go away, and it must be exposed. America's own foreign policy has been driven for years to support Israel to the detriment of all other nations in the region, and ESPECIALLY to the detriment of the Palestinian people. While in the past we meddled in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries to benefit our own business interests (such as the overthrowing of the democratically elected Moussadaqh of Iran), since Israel declared it's nationhood, the US has stood by them as their most staunch ally. CNN has put a great deal of time and effort into this series, yet it fails to state what is obvious to Arabs and Muslims : by allowing Israel to thwart international law, to use the US veto power at the United Nations on so many occasions (32 times since 1982 source) thus giving Israel carte blanch approval of their activities, the US (also by their other meddlings and in particular the invasion of Iraq)and Israel have themselves been the root cause of the rise of "Islamic terrorism".

To CNN, I say, your ignoring of this fact, that the state of Israel itself was established upon the suffering of another people, you have voiced your own bias in this matter. While attempting to educate the public on the connection between religion and politics, the populace again has been fed inadequate information.

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