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Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Crack in the Partnership: Leading Christian Zionist Preacher Sent Packing Home by Israel

Well, a "strange thing" happened today, a leading Christian Zionist minister based in Jerusalem, Ron Cantrell who has his own ministry based in Jerusalem, Shalom Shalom Ministry, has been sent packing home by the state of Israel. Mr. Cantrell is a "friend" of Israel, he's been around since the 70's organizing Christian Zionist support, raising millions of dollars, sponsoring aliya for thousands, heck, this guy has dedicated his entire life for years "supporting" Israel. Now that ungrateful country has told him to leave. Why? Because he has been accused of participating in missionary work.

OH my, now what? This "Christian" man has been ordered to leave Israel because they say he has been breaking the law, because missionary work IS illegal in the state of Israel.

Just a few months ago, a leading Christian Zionist radio talk show host cancelled her own visit to a Christian convention in Israel because she was HORRIFIED to find out that prostelyzing in Israel is illegal!

Is it just me, or can not ANYONE see that this "partnership" between Christian Zionists and Israel is the most WEIRD convoluted "partnership" ever to come into being?

Now let's not forget, these people are the same ones looking FORWARD to the end of times when supposedly the Temple Mount will be rebuilt, Jesus will return in all his glory, the lion will lie down with the lamb, and all those who are lucky enough to survive, or rather, all those who followed all the right rules, HELPED the end times to come, PRAYED for the end times to come, and here's the tricky part, ENOUGH Jews had converted to Christianity to coincide with their own requirements.

But they are being sent home because they supposedly were trying to convert Jews!!

How are these whack jobs going to explain this to the folks back home? How are they going to explain to all their followers, WE SUPPORT ISRAEL, keep sending the money folks, keep on calling all your Senators and Representatives to unconditionally support Israel, because we have to SUPPORT it, but all the Jews who don't convert will end up having their eyes plucked out in the end times while WE are somehow going to end up living on a "peaceful earth" forever?

And lest we also forget, these are the same people calling ISLAM a scourge on earth!!

Evangelical pastor told to leave Israel

An American evangelical pastor who has been living in Israel with his family for nearly two decades has been ordered to leave the country with his wife within two weeks after their request for permanent residency was turned down, officials said Thursday.

Ron Cantrell, 59, and his wife Carol, 54, ran a small Jerusalem-based ministry 'Shalom Shalom Jerusalem' for the past four years, while Cantrell previously worked for Bridges for Peace, an evangelical organization, for 14 years.

Two of the couple's children have married Israelis and have Israeli ID cards.

Interior Ministry officials said that the decision was made after there were suspicions that Cantrell was involved in missionary work.

Cantrell categorically denied the allegations of missionary work as baseless.

Cantrell, who has been active in raising money for Israel as well as working on behalf of Soviet Jews, had resided in Israel on a special clergy visa during his work for Bridges for Peace,(another group separate from Cantrell's ministry, but who works in cooperation with Shalom Shalom) but then went back to a regular tourist visa that needed to be renewed every three or six months, he said.

The highly coveted but sparsely distributed clergy visa is primarily given out to officials with mainstream Christian organizations.

Cantrell, who travels extensively on lecture tours, could have continued living in Israel if he left the country at least once every three months, but said that was an "unworkable solution" for his wife.

This week his appeal for permanent residency in Israel was turned down by the Ministry of the Interior, and he and his wife were instructed to leave the country within two weeks.

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Now if that's not all strange enough, view this videos of Carrol Cantrell, Ron's wife,

Shavuot in Jerusalem w/Carol Cantrell singing, Western Wall

Wait a minute here, how many of those Jewish people in this video believe in "Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior" as does Carrol? How many of those people are going to survive the "rapture"? To survive they have to convert!! How much does Carrol really love these people?
If she "loved" them, she would be trying to "save" them wouldn't she? She'd be doing everything in her power to help them see the light, but wait, she and her husband deny doing missionary work in Israel.

There's not just a crack in this partnership, these people are CRACKED IN THE HEAD!

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