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Monday, August 27, 2007

Arab-American Times Hits the Newstand and the Web

Original post can be found at Kabobfest
Kabofest's link is on my side bar, GREAT source of information.

New Arab-American Newspaper
By Will
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There is a new Arab-American newspaper out now. The Arab-American Times is positioning itself as a national community newspaper, a mix of both localism and national appeal. The first issue just came out and is dated September, 2007, so it appears it will be circulated monthly. It is distributed in 600 participating stores in 48 states.
Check it out.
Ideally, the website itself will take on a news website format in the future.

I second Will, check it out, there's even some good recipes in it as well as lots of information about Arab-Americans you might not know about.

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