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Friday, June 29, 2007

Thank You From The People's Voice


(note, for some reason regretably I cannot post Ben's excellent cartoon which can be found on the original post at The People's Voice)

Dear Readers,
This is not over yet, but we are so grateful for and overwhelmed by all your kindness and support, that we feel it now is necessary for us to express this in a public way.
We have reason to believe that quite many of you have written to Google in support of us. We thank you for this! It warms our hearts and it admittedly humbles us a wee bit. We are now more aware of how little we can do by ourselves, and how much we need our readers.
The negative forces have been a blessing for us -our hits are doing well, our network of friends has been strengthened and even extended. These forces have done us a great service. We thank them for this!

Who are they? -By the help we're getting from our friends, the picture becomes clearer by the day. We suspect there are a couple of Google News employees who have been recruited by outside forces, and who probably have ensconced themselves comfortably in the section dealing with complaints/suggestions. We wouldn't be surprised to find that they have been recruited from the same fetid waters as some of the activists that belong to a big & well-known web site and are controlled by its charming, but wicked founder. Some of you may feel reasonably sure about which one we are referring to.

Some people even posted stuff about us on their blogs and in the way of giving a well-earned recognition to them, we would like to show you the links to these postings. These people are our friends. -It took a crisis to show us this clearly. We want to honor them and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. In alphabetical order they are the following:

Benjamin Heine
Desert Peace
Peace Palestine
Under The Holly Tree
We Are Wide Awake

We would like to see even more people who have access to a blog (or who actually own one) -for them to post something that refers to this situation here @ Like we said, this is not over yet. We need all of you! Thank you!
Sincerely,SE & rj(Site Editors)

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