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Friday, June 15, 2007

Abbas, Hamas, Dahlan, and the PA should go to hell

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Abbas, Hamas, Dahlan, and the PA should go to hell

Date15. June 2007 1653hrs
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The bloody fight has spread from street to street and from one house to another. Rockets are falling from everywhere on innocent civilians, destroying their houses over their heads. During the last few weeks over 200 Palestinians were killed, and over 400 were injured, many are in critical conditions. Dozens of Hamas and Fatah members have been killed in heavy clashes. Gaza is controlled by Hamas “government” and the West Bank declared its own.

dahlan_solana_abbasThat’s what the mainstream media is reporting but what’s going on in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is more than that. In fact the Palestinian Authority (PA) is censoring all the reports that explains the real reasons behind the war in Gaza and West Bank.

It is not a secret now that since the elections of Hamas, the Americans, Israel EU and Arab states are supporting only Fatah with arms, money and all kind of aid to keep them in power. In fact we now know that the American military coordinator and representative at the Palestinian military, the war criminal General Keith Dayton
will continue his work for “training the Palestinian forces” (Fatah only) in the West Bank.

US to help transfer humanitarian aid to West Bank

Sources in Bush administration say Washington will try and convince Quartet to transfer emergency aid to West Bank in bid to maintain Fatah’s hegemony there.

According to a US State Department spokesperson, General Keith Dayton, who is responsible for training the Palestinian forces, will continue his work after a reassessment of the situation. The training will likely be transferred from Gaza to the West Bank, the spokesperson said.

mofaz_dahlan.jpgWhat the media is not telling us is that the continued failings of the PA government and bloody disaster which the radical militants of Hamas brought upon the lives of all Palestinians was the last nail in the coffin of the PA government, Abbas as President and Hamas as elected party.

The Palestinians now want the Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to resign, and the International Community to take charge of their responsibility toward the Palestinians for peace and order in all Palestinian cities, in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Palestinians are seeking that International Military Forces be stationed in Gaza and the West Bank, replacing the corrupt PA, Hamas militants and the Israeli occupation. However, unlike the latest news coming from Condi, the Palestinians strongly refuse the interference and participation of any US military deployment. They also refuse the European offer of sending troops for protecting Israel only along Gaza borders because Palestinian need protection from Israel attacks too.

What Palestinians are seeking is a powerful military force to be stationed in all Palestinians cities, to protect them from the daily attacks by Israelis, the corrupt PA and the various Palestinian militant groups, including Hamas and Fatah militias. The US is not invited to take part in this action because they are not trusted by Palestinians.

The mainstream media has not only failed to clarify the Palestinian demands, but also the reasons behind the bloody war between the two biggest parties in Gaza and the West Bank, the radical Islamic movement, Hamas, and the corrupt wing of the Palestinians Authority, Fatah.

dahlan 007Palestinian civilians from Gaza reported that Hamas, supported by other Palestinians opposition movements, and some leaders from the Fatah movement itself are fighting against what they described as the American-Israeli-Arab project which is being implemented by the corrupt PA government, supported by the head of the death squads in Gaza, Mohammad Dahlan. This project has the purpose of creating a PA “government” which supports US and Israeli interests, and denies Palestinians their rights of return among other things.

It is not a secret to say that Palestinians from Gaza accuse the US/Israel-supported Mohammad Dahlan of several attempts to assassinate Hamas leaders (including Prime Minister Ismail Haneya), hindering the work of the coalition government in Gaza and West Bank after Mecca treaty, and of causing and succeeding in creating a the bloody war between the two biggest parties in West Bank and Gaza, Hamas and Fatah. Dahlan is well known as the hand of Israel and the CIA in the Palestinian government.

On the other hand, the IOF air strikes in Gaza during the past few weeks aimed murdering leaders from Hamas including threats to assassinate Haneya himself and the destruction of Hamas’s organizations while Abbas, Dahlan and the corrupt PA didn’t say a word. Palestinians explained this by a conspiracy between the Mohammad Dahlan, the PA, and the Israeli occupation to eliminate as much as they (Israel) can from Hamas leaders, not to forget the huge number of Hamas leaders who are behind bars in Israeli prisons for no reason.

The mainstream media kindle the fires of hatred between the Palestinians themselves. Daily incitements against Hamas appear, as well as support for arming the “Presidential Guard”, a force which receives training and funding from the US and the EU.

Israel kill 4 children in RafahThe anger against Mohammad Dahlan and PA in Gaza is huge, however, the Palestinians are also very angry with Hamas. Since Hamas was elected, the Palestinians live in two giant concentration camps, Gaza and the West Bank. They are not safe from Israeli rockets or from Hamas and Fatah bombs and murderers. Last night, four Palestinian children were killed by Israel in Gaza, mainstream media didn’t care to report this. The Palestinians live under death threat 24 hours a day, they spend all their time taking part in funerals, starving and hearing the bombs exploding somewhere. The “International community” has furthered this genocide by allowing Israel to steal PA funds and then by imposing a financial siege on the Palestinians, leaving them to starve.

It’s very simple: the Palestinians say “Hamas, Dahlan, and the PA should go to hell, all of them should disappear from Palestine”. The International community should stand up to its responsibility toward the Palestinians according to the International laws, and not according to the Israelis demands.

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