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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Google Censors The People's Voice: Fight Back

The following email was received by many bloggers. It is self-explanatory and we all ask that you act on this to link to the link given and tell Google what you think of this latest incidence of censorship. (A few months ago Uruknet underwent the same sort of campaign against them and Google reversed their decision)

Dear Reader,
We @ need your help! Anti-democratic forces have succeeded in making Google take us off its news list. It is important for web sites like ours to be listed there, so that more people will have access to alternative points of view, not just the Main Stream Media. Below you will find an extract of what we have to say about these negative forces. You will find the rest of it on our homepage. We will later post an extended article about this. As you will understand, we WILL fight back, but we do need your help to succeed in this. Please consider helping us.
“Well, they’re at it again. This time a gang of crazies at the Daily Kos have managed to convince Google News to remove our site. They may have had help from the extremists at ‘Little Green Footballs’ or ‘Elder of Ziyon’, two other sites that want to shut us down. They falsely accuse us of anti-Semitism when we are fiercely opposed to bigotry and racism in all it’s forms. It is our sincere belief that a handful of people who seek to inhibit freedom of speech cannot equal the power of the majority of the people. If you like what we are doing and want more people to see the articles on our site please write a few words or a letter to Google News. Tell them that you like the site and to please put back on Google News.”
If you would like to help out, please just enter our homepage and click on “Contact Google News” in the upper right hand corner. This will lead you to Google’s page dedicated to suggestions and / or feedback. Please just fill in your name etc. and whatever you would like to say or use the text / example below. Thank you!
Sincerely,Schuyler Ebbets &Ragnar JohannessenThe People’s
PS: Please don’t send the email addresses above to people you don’t know.
It would seem that Google has deleted from its news list. I like this web site. The main articles submitted to this site are good, interesting and represent a wide variety of opinions and points of view. The news are fresh and to the point. I would like to see back on Google again. Thank you.
[Your Name]

Just a side note. Eileen Fleming (and Haitham Sabbah, Desert Peace, Umkahlil, Ben Heine and Anna Balzer) were all banned from the Dkos. Eileen was the last to be banned and the soul monotonanous charge adnauseum against her was for posting on the People's Voice. There were SO many shenanigans going on at the Dkos with people speaking out of both sides of their mouths, but the campaign was DEFINITELY on to get rid of all the pro-Palestinian posters who carried any weight. One poster there, Eternal Hope, was DEFINITELY playing games. To make a long story short, after Eileen was banned an extremely slanderous post appeared about her on Little Green Footballs. Eileen sent me the link to see it. I linked and was forbidden, both from my desktop AND laptop which I had used when commenting on the Dkos. I could not even open the site to see it!! Just the week prior I had logged on to LGF with no problems whatsoever. I had NO problem logging on from any other computer. My concrete conclusion is that since I was the last person standing supporting Eileen and openly accusing them of some serious allegations, SOMEONE at the Dkos or possibly Eternal Hope who is a commenter there who is particularly egregious, gave LGF my ip numbers and I was banned without EVER leaving a comment there in my life. Now these same people are seeking to limit the People's Voice by campaigning Google to drop them. What do you think? I would call this censorship of the worse kind.

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