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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RIPurgatory Jerry Fallwell

Jerry Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority died today.


"Moral Majority"

You call yourself the Moral Majority
We call ourselves the people in the real world
Trying to rub us out, but we're going to survive
God must be dead if you're alive

You say, 'God loves you. Come and buy the Good News'
Then you buy the president and swimming pools
If Jesus don't save 'til we're lining your pockets
God must be dead if you're alive

Circus-tent con-men and Southern belle bunnies
Milk your emotions then they steal your money
It's the new dark ages with the fascists toting bibles
Cheap nostalgia for the Salem Witch Trials

Stodgy ayatollahs in their dobble-knit ties
Burn lots of books so they can feed you their lies
Masturbating with a flag and a bible
God must be dead if you're alive

Here I give you the link to the google video "Life and Liberty For All Those Who Believe". It was produced in the 1980's and is still VERY important to watch today, to know where and how this theocratic movement began, what they professed, and as the narrator said at that time, "What they are attempting to do"
The fact is, it has been 20 years since this program was produced and these so-called Christian soldiers have been quite busy since then. None of us can forget what Jerry Falwell said was the cause of 911, the Biblical sins of America, among those sins, allowing for gays to cement their Constitutional rights. And do not forget Falwell's latest lip-licking orgy, calling on the administration to strenghthen and support Israel in their attack on Lebanon this summer. Falwell was ABSOLUTELY ecstatic claiming that the perhaps the rapture was near.

Do I mourn Jerry Falwell's death? I would rather say I mourn the day he was born

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