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Sunday, May 20, 2007

I received the following by email:

It's all Jon Stewart's fault. I had been following the Gonzo hearings and stories. My anger grew. My outrage increased. My wanting to do something was boiling. Then I saw the brilliant Stewart collection of I don't know anything clips, the New York Times op-ed piece, and then the capper, Bush statement that he answered fully and honestly.

Jason Zaro, our newly hired Associate Producer, and Bill Dewald, our assistant editor, jumped in working late on the weekend to put together this video. It highlights the hypocrisy, the distortions, and the plain old attack on common sense.

We've been fortunate to have a great working relationship with our friends at Democracy for America. They saw an early cut, and joined us in the call for impeachment. We were quickly educated: the process needs to begin in the House Judiciary committee.

Now we have a video, campaign and petition at Send this to all the people on your emall list, with a note explaining that we can in fact impeach. Let's start shouting the "i" word loud and clear.

I wanted to give all of you a first look at the video before we launch it Monday.

Thank you,
Robert, Jason, Bill and the entire Brave New Films team

P.S. Here is the email that will go out to our list Monday morning:

Dear activists, colleagues, and friends,

The Gonzales hearings made plain for all to see that the highest law enforcement officer in the land is unwilling to tell the truth under oath.

1. Watch the video
2. Sign the petition to impeach
Think about that.

He doesn't recall. He doesn't know. He evades, answering questions with questions, and yet, the President has not fired him. He continues to damage our country.

It's all there on TV for everyone to see, although few have the time or patience to watch. That's why we at Brave New Films have produced a 2 minute video (with an assist from George Bush) to boil the story down to its essence.

Watch it here:

Let's not be shy. Let's use the "i" word -- IMPEACHMENT. Say it, SHOUT it loud and clear. It has a good patriotic feel to it. And yes, the attorney general CAN be impeached. It is legal, it is proper, and it is time. The Senate is expected to hold a "no confidence" vote on Gonzales sometime this week. We need to show them there is broad grassroots support to go further.

McJoan from DailyKOS notes the political importance: "Gonzales's refusal to resign and Bush's refusal to force it are part and parcel of the effort to protect Rove, Miers, and ultimately Bush. Which is precisely why Alberto Gonzales must be impeached."

So here is your ammunition for impeachment -- a video, a petition, a whole campaign to get the House Judiciary Committee to launch this action, NOW. We and our friends and partners at Democracy for America want and need your help.

Watch it here:

Don't just be angry, don't just be annoyed, don't yell at the ones you love. IMPEACH GONZALES.

Let's get to work! Watch the video and send it to everyone you know.

Democracy is a beautiful thing.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films team

P.S. For some background on impeachment see this New York Times editorial from Mizzou law professor Frank Bowman.

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