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Thursday, May 3, 2007

McArthur Park

May Day 2007-10...

Macarthur Park

They were in the park like you and me
They don’t have the same rights though you see

Their fingers are in our mouths

When you are eating your breakfast drinking your drinks
The sweat of their brow on the ice that you clink

They go to our schools say the pledge of allegiance
Do we listen to reason?
Or just fire the rubber bullets, their all in season

The stick does the talking
See the blood on their brows

Their fingers are in our mouths

When you sip your fruit drink
When you have time to stop and think
Look out at your manicured lawn
From the tiled veranda you sit on

We will use their skills
Cross their border to buy cheap pills
See the heads bent and stooped to ground
Lower than the dirt they that they found

The land was theirs but that doesn’t matter
As long as their tears keeps making us fatter

The gas clouds blind and choke
Over there you can see the smoke
Eyes sprayed with poison and hate
Made from the plants that they traditionally ate

Their fingers are in our mouths

Taste the soil under their nails
Taste the sweat from their brows
Taste the fear in their hearts
And know that one way or another
We all took part

Just another day in the park

Jun Velez, May 3 2007

Posted on 03-May-07 at 10:30 am

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